Monday’s Daily

I watched the Legend of Hercules last night which led me to the decision of going Greek this week. I love me some Greek mythology, its the only time I ever paid attention in Humanities.  Although, with so many offspring, family trees get confusing.... I'll start this week out with a simple legend. Ever heard … Continue reading Monday’s Daily


Monday’s Daily

So, I was watching Pompeii last night and it gave me the idea for today's prompt. Not to mention added to my already growing obsession with Kit Harington (better known as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones). We all know the myth of Atlantis: a utopian city wiped out in a single night thanks to … Continue reading Monday’s Daily

Daily Prompt 13: Witch in a Bottle

At the Priory of St. Peter in Dunstable, on a cold winter's morning, a local woman called Sally was condemned of witchcraft by the Priory monks. She was slowly burned at the stake. Her cat and broomstick suffered the same fate. But Sally did not choose to go quietly as some did. She died loudly, … Continue reading Daily Prompt 13: Witch in a Bottle

Daily Prompt 07: Monday

Okay, so I'm super cheesy when it comes to scary tales. I love, love, love them. Nothing is too unbelievable for me as long as it's super scary! For this week, I chose an Urban Legend that I'm sure many, if not all, of you have already heard of, but I, for one, cannot get … Continue reading Daily Prompt 07: Monday