Revnant: Reanimated HumanHas control over dead thingsCan contact the "other side"; ghosts, spirits, etc. Feels the need to sacrifice themselves constantly to save the lives of others


IDEAS: Zombies

Different Types: Voodoo:   awakened & resurrectedParasitic: takes over the brain/nervous systemVirus:      flesh-eating- Witch doctor helps to resurrect someone from the dead. This person/thing comes back semi-normal at first. Then starts to crave flesh. Finally bites someone and causes a chain reaction.- Group on an island. Gets bitten by some rare monkey thing or falls victim … Continue reading IDEAS: Zombies

PLOT: resurrection gone wrong

MC1 simply cannot bare the loss of her sister/best friend/mother/brother. So she frantically searches for a way to bring them back. MC1 gets a hold of a remedy/ritual/etc that brings back her loved one from the dead. Story could go a ton of different ways... 1) Person comes back normal at first, showing up like … Continue reading PLOT: resurrection gone wrong

PLOT BABY: gone camping

A group of friends went camping in the nearby forest/mountains/lake. When they get back to town, they find out that a virus had swept across the countryside and destroyed everyone and everything.- OR -A group of friends goes camping in the nearby forest/mountains/lake. While they're out there, they see a meteor fall from the sky … Continue reading PLOT BABY: gone camping

PLOT: raised from dead to solve own murder

[MC] was probably the most normal person you would ever meet, with nothing to significant about them. That is, until they fall victim to a psychotic serial killer. The police have become desperate to solve this case, and decide to do the unthinkable - raise the newest victim from the dead.Will [MC] be able to … Continue reading PLOT: raised from dead to solve own murder