“From the Sky”

Like a truly crazy person I stood outside in the storm, my face tilted up to the cascading water as it fell from the sky. I watched as lightning zig-zagged across the blackness of night, filling the space around me with an eery white glow. It was amazing. Amazing how something that was considered so … Continue reading “From the Sky”


Friday’s Daily

I don't know about you, but I love big city night life. I always thought that if I hadn't had kids at such a young age, I would have moved to New York and been part of the sleep all day, up all night atmosphere of the "new adult" experience. Now I'm 34 and there's … Continue reading Friday’s Daily

“The Accident”

Something raced out into the road, a massive blur of blood on white fur. Panic spiked through Aura, its affect deafening, and she floored the brakes. For a split second the only sound she heard was her own heartbeat slamming its way out of her chest and then everything exploded all at once. Her bumper … Continue reading “The Accident”

100 words

An outside movement caught Olivia Cooke's eye as she rinsed the potatoes under the kitchen faucet. Cammy? Her neighbors familiar figure raced across Liv's front lawn, barefoot, clad in only a short nightgown. With a look of sheer terror etched across her face, the woman half-turned looking back for whoever or whatever had her on … Continue reading 100 words

One dream I DON’T want to come true

It was dark. Somewhere between late night and early morning. I fumbled out of bed and slid into a pair of fuzzy slippers. At the edge of my dresser, I paused to grab a Marlboro from its crumpled box. Immediately, I heard the tap of Snooki's nails against the wood floor as she, too, jumped … Continue reading One dream I DON’T want to come true