Friday’s Daily

I've been plotting a story that involves many supernatural elements, including werewolves. Naturally that's what comes to mind when I see this picture. However, that's the beauty of imagination. Not everyone sees the same thing. Either way, I though this was a beautiful picture. The stark contrast of black and white, good and evil in … Continue reading Friday’s Daily


Organizing writing through all the chaos

The other day I bought a trio of notebooks. Just your standard 5x7 lined journals with one red, one blue and one green cover. If you know anything about me, you know I have OCD so the notebooks are my way of keeping my writing organized when I am in "brainstorm" mode. I started with … Continue reading Organizing writing through all the chaos

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

So here it is. November 1. NaNo is upon me. Time to get 'er done. Although I don't exactly know what I'm going to get done. I have spent the last 3 weeks circling over plots. Nothing feels write. (haha. see what I did there?) Right. I'm so clever. And here I am again, procrastinating. … Continue reading Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

OBJECT(s): Mysterious Objects

A locket that lets the wearer switch bodies A pair of glasses that lets you see true demon faces when wearing Tattoo(s): each symbol causes a different "curse" (ie: can't lie, can't kill, etc...) A phone that can call dead people

CHARACTERS: Pack of Eve’s wolf-shifter

Male Alpha: Pure blood, leader.Passed from son to son. Has been challenged 3x for leadership, won all. Had to kill his own father to gain his position. Fierce & very protective. Recently moved his pack to get away from new pack that was doing too much damage & not enough subtlety. Female Alpha:Bitten long ago. Alpha fell in love … Continue reading CHARACTERS: Pack of Eve’s wolf-shifter

CHARACTER: female species personality

Raised to be a lady, but also trained to fight. Extremely calm & cunning. Easily amused, but tires of things quickly. Humans are just toys to her, but she won't cross that boundary & kill them....intentionally.


Bone Demon: has control over boneseats bones to gain more power manipulates own bones & structure, can self heal if wound is bone related can control others bones & when strong enough can heal others wounds if bone related

CHARACTER: tween abandoned by guardian

Name: ?Age: ?Backstory: A man and woman in a clan (of whichever species you make them) were both pre-arranged to be married to other people. This is how it was in their culture. But being deeply in love with each other, and not wanting to marry their chosen partners, ran away together. They were immediately … Continue reading CHARACTER: tween abandoned by guardian

PLOT: magic time capsule

Something weird happens to FMC on her birthday. When she turns 18/21 (?) she finds a time capsule (or something) buried by her mother that is filled with all sorts of magic things passed down from generation to generation. Finds out that there are others she was supposed to meet up with. They were all … Continue reading PLOT: magic time capsule

PLOT: "Fall From Grace"

An angel's duty is to guard and watch over it's charges everyday. Naturally, every once in a while there is going to be that one human who's life is so enchanting that even an angel wants to be a part of it. So the angel wants so desperately to be in that person's life that … Continue reading PLOT: "Fall From Grace"

IDEAS: Zombies

Different Types: Voodoo:   awakened & resurrectedParasitic: takes over the brain/nervous systemVirus:      flesh-eating- Witch doctor helps to resurrect someone from the dead. This person/thing comes back semi-normal at first. Then starts to crave flesh. Finally bites someone and causes a chain reaction.- Group on an island. Gets bitten by some rare monkey thing or falls victim … Continue reading IDEAS: Zombies

PLOT: resurrection gone wrong

MC1 simply cannot bare the loss of her sister/best friend/mother/brother. So she frantically searches for a way to bring them back. MC1 gets a hold of a remedy/ritual/etc that brings back her loved one from the dead. Story could go a ton of different ways... 1) Person comes back normal at first, showing up like … Continue reading PLOT: resurrection gone wrong

CHARACTER(s): brother & sister

Chrystoph BealenourFemale, 15Long blonde hair kept in a braid, somewhat tanned skin, brown eyesFit, about 4' 00", quiet, strong, observant, and stubborn.In my story, she was subjected to genetic experimentation which gave her large bird wings, but you can take either version of her.Jacobi BealenourMale, 8Spiky brown hair, pale skin, blue eyesSlim but not particularly … Continue reading CHARACTER(s): brother & sister


Silky-- a giant spider, the size of a Terrier dog or a Corgi. She can't speak english, but she can understand it. She's intelligent, friendly, and loyal; she adores her owner. Enjoys getting belly rubs and having her long, silky fur brushed. Has a habit of bringing her owner small animals that she's caught (she … Continue reading CHARACTER: "Silky"

PLOT BABY: garage sale antique

At a garage sale, MC1 buys an antique [urn?] which they think will look nice on their mantle. When they get home, they realize its full of ashes....This could go a ton of different ways... the spirit could start haunting them in a harmless way, making it a comedy..... or they could become more sinister, … Continue reading PLOT BABY: garage sale antique