Tune-In Tuesday


I know its been awhile since I’ve posted at all let alone one of my prompts, but I’ve been in another of my occasional funks. It seems that the second everything evens out in my life, something happens to send me spiraling right back down again. This song is very fitting for my mood. Maybe it’ll spark something in your inner psyche.


Tuesday’s Daily

 A sign of a great trailer is when it makes you fall in love with the movie before you ever even see it. That’s what happened to me back in 1998 when I saw the trailer to Ever After for the first time. I remember hearing the music and thinking, I have GOT to see this movie. Not only the music, but the scenes mixed with the music rolled together perfectly and to this day, it still remains the movie trailer that I’ll never forget. Ironically, neither of the songs (“Fable” by Robert Miles or “The Mummers Dance” by Loreena Mckennitt) appeared in the movie at all, but I didn’t know that at the time, and honestly it didn’t matter, the movie was great all on its own. Still, I’ll never forget the goosebumps that ran up & down my arms when it played. New Age and Trance music were already a part of my preferred genres anyway, so I bought both albums almost immediately.  It just goes to show how different we truly are… how some things that affect me greatly have no affect on others at all.


Tune-In Tuesday

If anyone were to ask me who my favorite artist was, without a doubt my first response would be Tori Amos. She is the epitome of what a true artist is. Not only does she write her own lyrics, play her own instruments and sing her own songs, everything about her music is unique. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until her third album, Boys for Pele, that I discovered her. Caught a Lite Sneeze was the first song of hers I heard and I was instantly hooked. She is definitely an acquired taste as her music, although labeled alternative rock, is comprised of classical elements; piano, harpsichord, harmonium, and clavichord among other instruments. I have always had an inner love for classical music and feminine vocals, so a combination of the two is extra heady. She is a rare combination of creative talent that our world is slowly losing to anyone who has access to pre-recorded beats and a pretty face.

What scene plays in your head as the song plays out…?

Tuesday’s Daily: Roads

Music is my favorite form of inspiration. It literally is a soundtrack to our lives. Personally, every song carries a different meaning, a different interpretation of a single moment or series of moments that will forever define us. And it’s very interesting to see just how many viewpoints the same melody can provide. So I’ll leave it in your hands.

I love trip-hop and Portishead is one of my all-time favorite bands. Beth Gibbons has the most amazing voice and this song is absolutely beautiful. Use it, abuse it, let your senses roam and write up a storm. Or just sit back, relax and listen. Either way, it’s a win-win.

My life is like an episode of Glee

If there’s one thing people should know about me is that I have a music fetish. I feel that music plays such an emotional role in everyday life. A lot of that is just me. Not everyone visualizes time standing still and doves flying out of thin air into a chorus of fully choreographed dancers like I do every time I hear Euphoria by Delerium. That’s just who I am. And music means everything to me.

I think that’s why I like Glee so much. The show it stupid and hokey, but I love love love watching them burst into magical renditions of various musicians. It’s totally what my mind does every time I hear a song. It’s like I have an 8mm in my head of all of life’s moments and when I hear music, a long string of scenes plays like a really cool movie trailer. It is most definitely where I get the majority of my inspiration.

That being said, what the fuck happened? WHERE DID THE MUSIC GO?? How did we get where we are today. When I turn on the radio, I don’t hear music. I hear a bunch of teenagers that outgrew their Disney TV show singing songs that are digitally fine-tuned. Or people half-talking (for lack of a better term because I wouldn’t call it singing) while a catchy beat plays in the background. It’s all about who can out-fashion who and gain the most followers on twitter.

Where is all the raw talent? Solo Artists and bands like Boys II Men (who, technically you can say were a boy band, but God did they have amazing voices),  the Cure, Depeche Mode, U2, Guns ‘n’ roses, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis, Fiona Apple, Paula Cole, The Cranberries, Sarah McLachlan, Edwin McCain, The Fugees, Alanis Morissette, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers…. just to name a few.

Where did the days of turning MTV on and seeing actual music videos go? Did they stop making them with the invention of the iPod? Has it become MP3 or die? I remember when watching a new music video was just as exciting as a breakout movie. Special affects to the max. Maybe its just me, but now when I turn on MTV all I get are reruns of Jersey Shore or my Super Sweet 16.

There’s no passion. There’s no talent. It’s depressing. Maybe I’m over-exaggerating. It just doesn’t seem like music standards are near as high as they use to be. I blame it all in social networking. Honestly, I blame everything on social networking. And the internet. The internet is the devil.




Sing Me A Story – My Million Dollar Idea

An inkling of an idea came to me as I was tweaking my playlist last night.

For me, music has always had a drastic impact on my emotions. I can’t listen to any song without having an immediate response. It may be nostalgia, high energy, sadness. But it’s always something. I remember the first time I ever heard the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I know, I know… gag you, right? But there is a point to this. I hadn’t seen any previews for Titanic, didn’t even know it was coming out. I just heard the song one day on the radio with no preconceptions. The second is started playing, and I mean the very first second, my throat started to swell and burn as I tried to hold back the tears. I was driving. On the busiest road in our city. It was awful, lol. But it was so fiercely beautiful I could barely contain myself. Of course, everyone has their own taste. What is beautiful to me may sound like nails down a chalkboard to someone else.

My basic point is that every time I hear music I have a reaction. Especially when its added to a visual element. Movies, television, etc… For example, right now I have a Vampire Diaries fetish. I haven’t been this bedeviled by a show since the late 90’s and Buffy was on. (Course I can say about the same thing for Buffy regarding the characters, writing and music. It was the best of all 3.) But back to the present. The soundtrack for each and every episode is ridiculously amazing. The songs they choose are perfectly fitted, and what’s even better is that the majority of them are indie artists so it opens you up to a whole line of musicians you may never have heard of otherwise. I’ve got a playlist for each season on my YouTube page so that I can click and listen any time I please. My only problem is that I need to have a box of tissues at every turn because I’m a blubbering idiot. I have more than an avid fascination with Damon Salvatore. Like, if I could have one wish in this world it would possibly be for him to be real and me to be his Elena. So I see all these YouTube TVD movies made from scenes on the show and they smash all the “Delena” love scenes into one mashup with a ridiculously sad love song and I think to myself, why oh why couldn’t that ever be me? And it makes me sad. But at the same time, it sparks my idea.

So, through all my ranting and raving, here it finally is. Silly as it may be. We use specific melodies to add to movie/TV scenes, right? I mean, it wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic having a funeral scene while playing 99 Luftballons. So, what if there was a really cool way to add music clips to specific scenes in your story. Graphic novels use images, so why can’t we use songs? And I mean in actual book form, not placing a YouTube video at the top of a blog post to play while you’re reading. I’m talking an actual progressive e-book format that could somehow play as you read certain parts.

Hell, it’s probably a stupid idea. I just know that if I were reading, having the music that inspired a moment playing might make the experience that much better. Or it might be annoying and I might hate it. But that’s why settings come in handy.

What are your thoughts?

Daily Prompt 19: Heaven Scent

Tuesday’s truly are my favorite day to post prompts because to me, music is one of the most inspirational tools and I love sharing the songs that have inspired me along the way. Especially if it opens the door to new artists that you’ve never heard of.

The first time I heard this song was during the movie Groove. Unless you’re a fan of 90’s electronica you’ve probably never heard of it, but believe me when I say that it is the epitome of what it feels like the first time you experience heaven in the form of ecstasy. And this song is a highly nostalgic reminder of that feeling. I only wish I could go back fifteen years and experience it from the beginning. I’m not sure how to describe it, but there’s something in the main chorus beat that sends chills up my spine, somehow almost in slow motion. It’s an amazing song from an amazing period in time.

Daily Prompt 14: Lindsey Stirling

One thing that many of you don’t know about me is my obsession with period music and movies/tv. Although celtic, new age, old-world fantasy is my favorite, I love anything from the Elizabethan era to Colonial times.

I had never heard of Lindsey Stirling until just recently, but when I did, I instantly fell in love with her. She is so unbelievably talented and has come so far, mostly on her own. When I listen to her play the violin my mind goes wandering and it transports me to another world. Her original music is so beautiful, I could easily listen to it all day. It’s kind of like a mixture of trance (which is my absolute favorite style of music) and celtic with a  touch of classical thrown in. But her covers are wonderful, too. The collaboration she does of “Grenade” left me speechless the first time I heard it.

The video I posted is probably my favorite of her original songs, and I suggest you check it out whether you need a little inspiration or just need a musical nudge. I welcome any comments you have regarding her music, love or hate! See ya round next time. ❤

Daily Prompt 08: Shadow on the Sun

Hey kiddies. Well, we’ve come full circle. One whole week of daily prompts and onto the second round. One thing to know about the prompts is that I never inflict a cut off date on the replies, so whether it’s tomorrow or a year from now, please feel free to post whatever tickles your fancy.


I first heard this song when I was watching Collateral with Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx. I am not a big Tom Cruise fan, but the movie itself was excellent. As this was never (as far as I know, anyway) released on the radio, there are a lot of people missing out on its beauty.

In this case, I may be a bit biased because I was already a die hard Chris Cornell fan. From his days in Soundgarden, collaborating with Pearl Jam for Temple of the Dog, and now with his solo performances along with the band Audioslave, I will forever remain a follower. There’s just something about his gravelly voice that gets me, gives me goosebumps.

And this, my friends, is probably my all time favorite. So whether you take part in the daily prompt or not, please at least give the song a go. It may not be your cup o’ tea, but it may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. You never know unless you try something new. And if you DO listen to it, either pingback/tag your response #RMMW TUESDAY or even leave me a comment on your opinion of the song itself. Either way, gets to goin.

Later Gators!

Daily Prompt 01: Damaged

I get chills every time I hear this song. It takes me to a place of sorrow & regret. Where does it take you??

Create your response in any way, shape or form and don’t forget to Pingback and Tag it RMMW Tuesday.

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