NaNo Me This…

I'm back... and maybe not so better than ever, but back nonetheless. I've added a few NaNo Facebook Covers in the process. You can download them from my DeviantArt account or just save 'em from here. I tried to work the designs around the avatar slot and the way facebook centers the cover but that … Continue reading NaNo Me This…


Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 2

Sometime during the night, Natalie must have fallen asleep, too. She woke to a seriously cramped neck and pounding head. Her eyes felt like they were being pushed out of their sockets, bulging and puffy from the previous nights catharsis. Soft gray light peeked through the windows, letting her know it was still some time … Continue reading Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 2

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

So here it is. November 1. NaNo is upon me. Time to get 'er done. Although I don't exactly know what I'm going to get done. I have spent the last 3 weeks circling over plots. Nothing feels write. (haha. see what I did there?) Right. I'm so clever. And here I am again, procrastinating. … Continue reading Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

And so it begins….

Sup. Well this is it. My first cover for 2013. Don't worry. There will be more. I'll try to remember to post them all here after I upload them to my DeviantArt, but if you're truly interested in the covers, you may want to check back there every once in awhile to make sure you … Continue reading And so it begins….

It’s that time of year again….

Ahhh... so fresh, so clean. It's the time of year that the slates of my favorite forum are wiped clean and begin anew. I don't know why I enjoy it so much, I guess because it signifies the start of yet another month in which I will never complete the novel of my dreams, but … Continue reading It’s that time of year again….

Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

Big brown eyes bore into my steady blues, begging me to lose. I could feel my eyes burning, tightening at the edges and I knew it was only seconds before...achoo! "Ha!" I cried. "I win." "Only on a technicality," Roger mumbled, sniffing indignantly as he wiggled his nose. "Fine. Best two out of three, then. … Continue reading Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 1

12:14 a.m. The road seemed to close in on Natalie as she struggled to keep driving. She sat behind the wheel of a silver mini-van while her nine year old daughter, Kiley, slept in the back seat. They had been traveling for nearly six hours but Nat’s eyes kept glancing nervously at the rear view … Continue reading Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 1

Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 1

Her face, if you could call it that, was mere inches from mine. One eyeball hung from its socket, dangling loosely by wire thin sinew. The left side of her mouth was still intact, lips twisted upward while the other half had been ripped clean off, bare teeth and jaw forming a grotesque smile. Two … Continue reading Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 1


I awoke to the sound of someone pounding on my door, and I shook my head as I looked through the corner of the curtains at the striking orange sky, guessing what time it was. It was then that I realized that wasn't sunrise - those were flames.[credit:] jessica.elaine @ NaNoWriMo


A serial killer who goes by "The Mask."His greatest strength is his powers of observation. He stalks someone for a year, then on New Year's Eve he murders them and hides the body. He then impersonates his victim for the next year (or until he gets bored living their life) all the while stalking his … Continue reading CHARACTER: The Mask

CHARACTER: whisper

Whisper: (Serial killer concept)She is quite the ball of screwed up. Due to abuse as a child, she has a split personality, Whisper being her dark side that deals with the dregs of this world, her positive half would never be seen as a possible pairing with Whisper. The way she gained the name is … Continue reading CHARACTER: whisper

CHARACTERS: Pack of Eve’s wolf-shifter

Male Alpha: Pure blood, leader.Passed from son to son. Has been challenged 3x for leadership, won all. Had to kill his own father to gain his position. Fierce & very protective. Recently moved his pack to get away from new pack that was doing too much damage & not enough subtlety. Female Alpha:Bitten long ago. Alpha fell in love … Continue reading CHARACTERS: Pack of Eve’s wolf-shifter

CHARACTER: Maureen (Mo) Hadley

Maureen (Mo) Hadley - 34Medium-sized curvy blond with big eyes and an even bigger smile. She married her high-school sweetheart who happened to be the quarterback of the football team, Everyone thought he was going to make it big until he hyper-extended his knee, putting an end to his football career along with Maureen's dreams … Continue reading CHARACTER: Maureen (Mo) Hadley

WRITING: Eve’s kidnapping

2:05 pm It was raining. One of those hard steady rains that soaks you to the bone. The man stood patiently on the sidewalk among the other parents and guardians waiting to pick up their children. He wore jeans and a t-shirt with a waterproof hoodie and carried a medium sized black umbrella, for all … Continue reading WRITING: Eve’s kidnapping

SYNOPSIS: Storyline 1 – Eve

I have been looking for a very long time for a main back story that allowed me to have a variety of fantasy "beings" (for lack of a better term) in a modern day world. However, as the final outcome is going to be based on a combination of several different story lines I need … Continue reading SYNOPSIS: Storyline 1 – Eve


Kiyusa - she has light brown hair and large blue eyes. She can transform into a doe. She, like a doe, is very timid and shy, although she's trying to get over that.[credit:] weezr @ NaNoWriMo Possible PLOT idea: She, amongst other shape-shifting creatures, are captured & help captive until they are of use. Their … Continue reading CHARACTER + PLOT: Kiyusa


His first name is Marco, I never came up with a last name for him. He has dark skin, black hair, brown eyes. He's about 35, medium height, appears to work out a little. He is a librarian. He is very unfriendly, and sends death glares across the library if anybody so much as coughs. … Continue reading CHARACTER: Marco

CHARACTER: Olive "Olly" Starr

Olive "Olly" Starr22 years old Has long dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and a heart shaped birthmark on her left shoulder blade. She is 1/4 korean.Olly never wears jeans, she owns two pairs of Stich onesies she bought off eBay, and enjoys hanging out with boys way too much for it to be healthy. … Continue reading CHARACTER: Olive "Olly" Starr

CHARACTER: Chelsea Camire

Name: Chelsea CamireAge: 26She has brownish gold hair and big green eyes. Her clothing choices are usually at the more somber end of the spectrum, but usually in style. She's very friendly and becomes buddies with a stranger very quickly. The one time she allowed a relationship to go beyond friendship she got burned very … Continue reading CHARACTER: Chelsea Camire