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Freebie: Character Worksheet

Sometimes I have a name. Sometimes I have a face. A tattoo. A disfigurement. A crazy aunt who sets my MC on blind dates at least once a week. Sometimes the back story comes to me without a physical body. So I created a worksheet that I can fill in the blanks as I go. … Continue reading Freebie: Character Worksheet


BACKSTORY: The First Shapeshifter

Once there was a very powerful witch. upon finding her husband cheating on her with another woman, she turned the man into a snake and he slithered away. Now the witch, taking some pity on the broken-hearted woman, gave her a choice. Did she want to die right then or did she want the witch … Continue reading BACKSTORY: The First Shapeshifter

CHARACTER: baby left in tree trunk

name: ?age?Backstory:  [Modern Day] Both parents were visibly supernatural & could never fit in anywhere. When wife found out she was pregnant, husband built a cabin/house deep in the forest so they could live a peaceful life. Human found them in woods (you decide how) and brought back a small group of other humans who … Continue reading CHARACTER: baby left in tree trunk

CHARACTER: tween abandoned by guardian

Name: ?Age: ?Backstory: A man and woman in a clan (of whichever species you make them) were both pre-arranged to be married to other people. This is how it was in their culture. But being deeply in love with each other, and not wanting to marry their chosen partners, ran away together. They were immediately … Continue reading CHARACTER: tween abandoned by guardian

CHARACTER : My Immortals

Name: ?Age: ?Story: Grandmother took MC from her mother when she was an infant to give her a somewhat normal life (away from magic). The granny raised MC to think that her parents had both died when she was a baby and granny was the only family left to take her in. Never told her … Continue reading CHARACTER : My Immortals