Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 2

Sometime during the night, Natalie must have fallen asleep, too. She woke to a seriously cramped neck and pounding head. Her eyes felt like they were being pushed out of their sockets, bulging and puffy from the previous nights catharsis. Soft gray light peeked through the windows, letting her know it was still some time … Continue reading Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 2


Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

Big brown eyes bore into my steady blues, begging me to lose. I could feel my eyes burning, tightening at the edges and I knew it was only seconds before...achoo! "Ha!" I cried. "I win." "Only on a technicality," Roger mumbled, sniffing indignantly as he wiggled his nose. "Fine. Best two out of three, then. … Continue reading Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

The Zombie Diaries…. Day 2

Monday, August 5, 2013 There is definitely something fucking wrong here. With Lexi being gone, I was jumping at shadows but I had convinced myself that it was just my overactive imagination and that everything was perfectly fine. No monsters under the bed. Well, guess what. The monsters may not be under my bed, but … Continue reading The Zombie Diaries…. Day 2

The Zombie Diaries… Day 1

Name: Bree Salyer Location: Ocala, Florida Days Since The Zombie Invasion Started: Ground Zero Date: August 4, 2013 Sunday, Aug 4, 2013              12:39 AM I can't sleep. I think something very strange is going on. The last couple of days have been eerily quiet. I lost my job two … Continue reading The Zombie Diaries… Day 1