Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….

So here it is. November 1. NaNo is upon me. Time to get 'er done. Although I don't exactly know what I'm going to get done. I have spent the last 3 weeks circling over plots. Nothing feels write. (haha. see what I did there?) Right. I'm so clever. And here I am again, procrastinating. … Continue reading Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get writing….


What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Oh em gee. So I have spent the last two days ransacking my very tiny space for my newest plot notes and I CAN'T FIND THEM! I remember it was very late at night and I had written them in my notebook. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. I only have a million notebooks scattered from one … Continue reading What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

PLOT: What If’s…

Everyone was born with a tattoo and only your soul mate had the exact same tattoo... A seemingly beautiful butterfly landed on you but it bit you and turns you into a cocoon that mutates you into a blood-sucking monster? The world was one where every major choice in our life was all chosen randomly? … Continue reading PLOT: What If’s…

PLOT: warning from a stranger

MC is warned by a stranger not to go to a certain place at a certain time. MC has no clue what they're talking about until something happens (think big explosion or such) at said place and time. It's up to you to decide why they were spared by the mysterious person or who that … Continue reading PLOT: warning from a stranger

PLOT: car jacking gone wrong

Based on the Urban Legend for a gang initiation. Car gets bumped from behind. When the driver gets out to check for damage, the driver of the first car kills unsuspecting victim.

PLOT: internet killer

I was browsing through fiction prompts and saw the heading: Once Upon a Tweet. It consisted of an author who told a story through prose bursts a tweet at a time. This got me to thinking... tweeting can be so anonymous. And so many people communicate this way nowadays. Either through tweeting, or Facebook, Tumblr, … Continue reading PLOT: internet killer

PLOT: Vengeance

I was thinking this more along the lines of a YA novel, but could be done well at any age. MC is a typical high school jerk, socially popular, comes from a well-off family and is not humble in any way, shape or form. Never takes anything serious and has a tendency to use the … Continue reading PLOT: Vengeance

PLOT: Transported into Fantasy

Group of people who roleplay together somehow end up in the actual fantasy world. They either have to fight their way out or maybe possibly end up staying in the new world instead of escaping back to reality.

PLOT: Sugar Daddy

MC is a 20-something college student who is over her head in student loan debt. So she and her roommate come across a website that sets them up as college students looking for "sugar daddies". They visit with the men and in turn are paid for whatever services they offer. Things go very wrong when … Continue reading PLOT: Sugar Daddy

PLOT: rags to riches

A  sibling makes every effort to find their long-lost brother/sister. Before they can track them down, they die, but in the will they've left the sibling a sizable amount of money/land/etc... A month or two later, the sibling is found (possibly homeless?) living destitute and is given the news of their brother/sisters death and fortune. … Continue reading PLOT: rags to riches

PLOT: Reunited

Two siblings who were adopted separately at an early age have been searching for each other for years. When they are finally reconnected, they come to find out that they have been living on the same street for almost 2 years! You can have them never have met each other, or you can go a … Continue reading PLOT: Reunited

PLOT: Love is Blind

Ella is a successful 26 year old editor. She spends so much time focused on work and taking care of her grandmother who raised her, that she never does anything for herself. Her best friend decides its time for a change, so she secretly enters her to be on a reality TV show: Love is … Continue reading PLOT: Love is Blind

PLOT: Twin, Triplet or clone?

Something awful happens to MC in the town that she grew up in, [was thinking her twin sister died & she felt this like painful ripping sensation when it happened] so she leaves and treks her way across the country looking for [a new start]. She winds up in [name of place] with nothing but … Continue reading PLOT: Twin, Triplet or clone?

PLOT: witness turned victim

You witness an abduction/killing in progress. You call 911, but decide to try to keep up with them until the police can step in. Manage to help catch the guy. Now, "x" amount of years later, the killer has been released/escaped from prison and you are number one on his new "To Do:" list.

PLOT BABY: twin separation

MC was in the middle of doing some every day act when suddenly they felt this unbearably horrific pain that couldn't be explained. They haven't heard from their twin since and know something must have happened and that's what that feeling had to do with.

PLOT: high school queen of the underworld

Cassie has an awesome boyfriend. Or so she thinks... Turns out he's a demon overlord in the Underworld out to make Cassie his Queen. Another guy at school comes in the picture. Galen, who is actually Cassie's guardian angel to keep her safe. The Overlord will have to sacrifice Cassie to send her soul to … Continue reading PLOT: high school queen of the underworld

PLOT: kidnapping as children, killing as adults

FMC was kidnapped when she was little. Somehow escapes. Now she's all grown up and they never caught the guy. She thinks she sees him at some random store. Does she go to police? Or does she just leave it alone thinking he'd never recognize her even if they were face to face? or does … Continue reading PLOT: kidnapping as children, killing as adults

PLOT BABY: adoption

A woman gives up baby for adoption. 20 years later, her son/daughter sets off in search to find its birth mother.Possible backstory:* A spoiled selfish 17 yr old leaves baby on the side of the road in a box, thinking nothing of it and that the animals would take care of it. A magical group … Continue reading PLOT BABY: adoption

PLOT BABY: stuck in snow

In an attempt to drive somewhere for New Years, the car gets stuck in a snowstorm. Not exactly sure where they are, MC pulls off an exit to wait it out at a diner. The snow gets worse & MC is, in effect, stranded.

PLOT: visions of murder

FMC has dream of murder. Thinks nothing of it until she sees the body on the news the next morning. Freaks out, but life goes on. Then, has another dream. Decides to go to police this time even though she knows they are going to laugh at her. They do. Until they find the second … Continue reading PLOT: visions of murder