Snie:Snie is a skilled ice mage, despite her young age. She has silver hair, pale, snow white skin and wears nothing but a white dress with blue symbols, even when it's cold, because she doesn't feel it and never shows any signs of freezing. Something that you can't say about her enemies because most of … Continue reading CHARACTER TYPE: ice mage


CHARACTER TYPE: born human into shape-shifter family

Born human into a family of shape-shifters. This can go many different ways.MC was treated different up until the day they died. Picked on by others, including their own family members. Dad told them how worthless they were, mom was embarrassed they had no form, older brother teased him around his bigger friends, etc. Then … Continue reading CHARACTER TYPE: born human into shape-shifter family

CHARACTER TYPE: 1/2 Angel + 1/2 Devil ??

??:   Has 2 sides, One good, one evil but can never be both at once. The only way you can tell when its good or bad is by the color of its eyes.Good version: [purple eyes] Can heal; Has mind control over your thoughts (but will only use for good purposes);Bad version: [black eyes] Grows … Continue reading CHARACTER TYPE: 1/2 Angel + 1/2 Devil ??


Shimmer: They are able to leave their physical body and float around in a shimmery mist.In human form are abnormally beautiful with extremely high intelligenceThey move quickly and quietly, sometimes so fast its imperceptible to the human eyeThey are graceful and elegant, almost gliding when they walk Can cast thoughts into your headBecause they are … Continue reading CHARACTER TYPE: Shimmer


Revnant: Reanimated HumanHas control over dead thingsCan contact the "other side"; ghosts, spirits, etc. Feels the need to sacrifice themselves constantly to save the lives of others


Siren: shape-shifterThey can take on the form of a loved one (wife, girlfriend, fiance, etc) to lure themThey have limited power over water (ie: can soak someone with a poof! of the hand)Are drawn to water, so are often found in pools, showering, swimming, living by beaches, lakes, etc..Are VERY good singersNot completely immortal, but … Continue reading CHARACTER TYPE: Siren


Puppeteer: Can control people's movementsIf they do it from their own body, the mortal is still fully alert, just can't take controlIf they jump into the body, then they take complete control & the mortal remembers nothing.

CHARACTER TYPE: malevolent spirit

Malevolent Spirit: GhostCan disappear, walk through wallsCan decide who can see them and who can'tWhen they make themselves visible to someone they become corporealThey're very tricky & misleading


Bone Demon: has control over boneseats bones to gain more power manipulates own bones & structure, can self heal if wound is bone related can control others bones & when strong enough can heal others wounds if bone related