My mind In a trance, an inferno of thought. My soul Suspended in mid-air, grasping for reality. Waiting for love Waiting for peace of mind Waiting for you


The most important post you’ll EVER read. No seriously.

S-I-K-E-!!! But now that I've gotcha here..... He-he-hello. I see you’ve stumbled onto my little slice of internet heaven.  Here's a new little sumpin' sumpin' I've been thinking about doing and finally decided to get it goin. So let me give it to you straight: This is a creative writing blog, duh. 1. Each day … Continue reading The most important post you’ll EVER read. No seriously.


I was alone, my heart a desolate island of pain. Then there was you - your smile, your laughter filling the void with a glimmer of hope. For a short time, happiness ruled over despair. Then you left, and my soul split in two. Edging close to the brink of insanity, I looked down and … Continue reading Shattered

The Weeping Lady

She walks - her pale image cloaked in grief you can see it in her face. Her eyes are filled with sadness - wet from weeping. She stares at the sky, the moon a lit candle in a dark room. She turns - her body floating and glides away into the sorrowful night - never … Continue reading The Weeping Lady

There’s a first time for everything…

Okay, folks. I'm about to attempt my first poetry "zine" for a swap, but I have NO effin' clue what I'm doing. So if ANYONE has any useful pointers, please feel free to point away. I have some of my poetry all tucked away and ready to go in my little journal that I bought, … Continue reading There’s a first time for everything…