The Beginning of My End

I remember the first night he spoke to me. It was a usual Friday night at the Rodeo. For months I had been frequenting the country bar on a weekly basis. It had become my secondary home, a place where the bouncers and the bartenders knew me by name. My friend, Jennifer and I were … Continue reading The Beginning of My End


“Just Friends”

The moon stood low in the sky, an orange tint covering its surface. I stared at it, random horror movies playing in my head and I shivered. “Are you cold?” a voice asked from the darkness. “Yeah,” I said, and I wasn’t lying. The temperature had dropped in the last couple of days as the … Continue reading “Just Friends”

PLOT: Love is Blind

Ella is a successful 26 year old editor. She spends so much time focused on work and taking care of her grandmother who raised her, that she never does anything for herself. Her best friend decides its time for a change, so she secretly enters her to be on a reality TV show: Love is … Continue reading PLOT: Love is Blind

PLOT: cupid loses belief in love

FMC is a cupid that doesn’t believe in love. Actually, she just doesn’t believe real love exists anymore. After watching arrow-struck people cheat on each other despite confessing their love FMC has become so jaded to the idea of love she feels it’s about as real as unicorns. Which, as a cupid, is about as … Continue reading PLOT: cupid loses belief in love

PLOT: romantic thriller

MC's life changes drastically when she finds out her mother/father/sibling was murdered. She moves back to her hometown to sort through it all when she's attacked, also, after finding (?) in her relative's belongings. Thinks it may have something to do with their murder. She contacts local police, who happens to be MC's high school … Continue reading PLOT: romantic thriller

PLOT: small town high school Reunion

Boy and girl grew up together as best friends in a small town. Boy claimed love for girl but she turned him down and his parents moved away shortly after. She ended up staying & becoming the town vet(?). Now he's back in town for their ten year reunion, along with the rest of her … Continue reading PLOT: small town high school Reunion