Woman gets amnesia. Wakes up from coma (?) in hospital with no memory. Weird things start to happen and she feels like she's being watched. She starts having dreams of impending doom and waking visions of floors covered in spiders or everyone's face is skeletal, etc.


PLOT: Soul Swap

FMC1 is on the run from serious bad guys. They end up in a car chase which results in a MAJOR accident. FMC1 gets injured but as she's dying, her soul jumps from her body into that of one of the other accident victims as they themselves die. No one but her knows it? Or … Continue reading PLOT: Soul Swap

PLOT: identity theft gone awry

MC gets attacked one night and almost dies. When she awakes from coma, she's faced with amnesia. She has no family and keeps mostly to herself, so when her best friend keeps visiting her and helps her when she's released she has no one to tell her otherwise. Come to find out, her "best friend" … Continue reading PLOT: identity theft gone awry