The most important post you’ll EVER read. No seriously.


But now that I’ve gotcha here…..

He-he-hello. I see you’ve stumbled onto my little slice of internet heaven.  Here’s a new little sumpin’ sumpin’ I’ve been thinking about doing and finally decided to get it goin. So let me give it to you straight:

This is a creative writing blog, duh.

1. Each day of the week I will post something to get your juices flowing. So you need to +FOLLOW me

2. You will then post your something in response to my something.

3. You will tag it RMMW &DAYOFTHEWEEK (ie: for Mythical Mondays your tag will read RMMW MONDAY) and you SHOULD also ping it by posting a link to my original day’s post. That way your response is directly connected to its host prompt. It’s not rocket science, I promise.

4. Then, sit back and relax… or read what others have to say. But your work is done until the following day. Unless I throw a random post up, whichever comes first.

See? Easy Peasy. Thems the rules. Follow them and no one gets hurt. Except maybe the people reading your awful awful writing. Just sayin’. I might be inspiring you… but I never promised to be nice about it.

Now, here’s the weekly schedule. Pay attention, it’s all in the tags, my man. or wo-man. Wooooaaaahhhh. Man.

MONDAY – “Mythical Monday” – I will post a myth, old wives tale, ghost story, urban legend, blah blah blah… YOU will do what you do and post something creative. Whether it is in written form, a photo that you took, a masterpiece you whipped together with your itty bitty hands…. whatever it may be. Just make sure you ping it & tag it RMMW MONDAY

TUESDAY – “Tune In Tuesday” – Ha. I have such a way with words. I kill me. On Tuesdays I will post a music video. Whether you find your inspiration from the lyrics, the music or the actions in the video itself, show me watcha got with the ping it & tag RMMW TUESDAY

WEDNESDAY – “Word.A.Week Wednesday” – I’m genius. Admit it. Each Wednesday I will be posting a word. Preferably one that is new and interesting and that I can learn from, but sometimes it may just be a pretty word I’ve come across a time or two. Research it. Learn it. Love it. Oh yeah, and create something with it while you’re at it. Ping it & Tag it RMMW WEDNESDAY

THURSDAY – “Truth or Dare Thursday” – Mwahahaha. Truth or Dare? Each week I will ask a question and post a dare. You can either pick a truth & write about it or choose a dare and take us on an adventure. Remember to buckle up and keep arms and legs in at all times. Pinged &Tagged RMMW THURSDAY

FRIDAY – “Foto Friday” – Okay, so I couldn’t think of an “F” word that fit. Sue me. Stating the obvious, I will post a photo each week. Go with it. Take me on a journey. But tag it so it doesn’t fly away. Ping it & tag it RMMW FRIDAY

SATURDAY – “Scenario Saturday” – I will post a full blown scenario. You will then take it from there… in any way, shape or form. Just share the love by pinging & tagging it RMMW SATURDAY

SUNDAY – “Submission Sunday” – Every Sunday, I want YOU to send me your ideas. They can come in any form, but please, be at least remotely serious. I’ll pick one to post the following week and so on and so forth…. ping it & tag it RMMW SUBMISSION

 I sincerely hope you participate and spread the word to get others to participate, too. I’m really hoping not only to meet other people but to hear, see, learn about what makes you tick and there’s no better way to do it then by using our brains and getting creative with it! Plus, I’m running out of ideas so I’m totally just going to take all yours and say they were mine.

P.S. I’m going to add this to my menu and tag it and everything to do with the weekly prompts as RMMW. All your responses will be tagged according to the days. That way everything will all be nice & tidy and all in one place.

Muah. Later biznitches.

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Wisteria Lane

I didn’t realize how much I missed Desperate Housewives until I was watching the first episode in the second season of Body of Proof and Dana Delaney made a reference to the fact that she used to live in a cul-de-sac like this… It was absolutely perfect. Only fans of the show would’ve caught it and it had me pining for the good ole’ days of Wisteria Lane.

Just Sayin’.

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Tune-In Tuesday


I know its been awhile since I’ve posted at all let alone one of my prompts, but I’ve been in another of my occasional funks. It seems that the second everything evens out in my life, something happens to send me spiraling right back down again. This song is very fitting for my mood. Maybe it’ll spark something in your inner psyche.

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Brain Tumor Diagnosis….

Bree Salyer:

This guy is an amazing talent. I’ve fallen in love with many of his works and if I could afford to buy art, his would definitely be the first I would get. I’m keeping him in my thoughts and will pass this along, hoping those of you who see it will do the same.

Originally posted on Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas:

Hi Friends and Fans of Ray! This is his wife, Rhian Ferrer….
Tuesday morning I found Ray in bed having a seizure (he has never had one before) I brought him to the hospital and he is stable but has a massive baseball sized tumor in/on his brain.  He will be undergoing surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy in the upcoming months.  

I have set up a Go Fund Me page for Ray.

Here is the link.

Please share and be sure to check out the links on the page, including the Etsy link where you can get get great art prints of his that will also help contribute!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and our family thanks you. He holds his fans in such high regards and will be updating everyone as things progress.

View original

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Dream Project: Full Cast Audio Books

I’ve said before that I’ve recently become addicted to audio books. I remember the first one I ever heard. I was in my late teens. It was, of course, a Stephen King novel, as were so many of my firsts. First horror novel (Carrie), first movie that truly scared me (It), and first audio books (Desperation & The Regulators). They were so superbly narrated, adding music & noises for effect. They were actually released under Richard Bachmann, supposedly found by his wife after his “death”. Now, of course, everyone knows he is one and the same. I only wish I could find another audio gem. They are few and far between, let me tell you.

Audible has a few dramatized audiobooks, I listened to a couple. The first was “The Child”, which was very well done in my opinion. It was more of a psychological mystery, but there were a couple parts of it that were beyond eery. There is a character, “the Voice,”  that when you are listening to it in the dark is enough to give anyone chills. Lots of twists & turns, but its about some dark subject matter so be aware. I also listened to Neil Gaiman’s “Neverwhere”, which was super cute and had a full cast of very familiar actors; Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy, who I know VERY well), James McAvoy (Filth, Wanted, X-Men), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn from the Tudors & now Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones).

I was also lucky enough to stumble upon “We’re Alive“, a full cast zombie podcast. I became immediately obsessed with it and listened to the first 3 seasons (each about 10 hours long). If you are a fan of zombies or apocalyptic events in any form, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s free on their site, or you can get the audiobooks on Scribd, audible, or itunes. I think its available on the Stitcher app, too.  I thought it was amazing. And I went on a search for more like it. There aren’t any that I can find.

After listening to a ton of audiobooks, I found myself thinking, “Sheesh, I could narrate better than half of the crap they have on here.” I even started reading some of my books out loud, seeing how I sounded. I felt really stupid when it came to reading the different characters. I mean, how many voices can a normal person make? And then I started thinking of ways I could make money from reading out loud. I could be a good narrator…… And then a light bulb went off. Ding! Ding! Ding! I know what I want to be when I grow up! (Yes, I know. I’m already grown up). However, I have done absolutely nothing but wasted my youth meeting the wrong person and then spending the last 5 years of my life eating ice cream and feeling sorry for myself.

I have an idea, but it’s not realistic. Not for someone like me (your average plain jane – no money, no originality). But I’m still going to share it: I wish I could start a company that took books and turned them into full cast dramatizations. With music, and sound effects and different characters. Like, a movie in your head. I know its something that I wish I could find more of, so I know there HAS to be other consumers out there like me.

Getting the rights to work with the stories would be my main problem. The fees alone would probably be crazy. Not too mention all the legal mumbo jumbo. And I don’t have any “free” stories to work with. Plus, I don’t know what I’m doing, anyway. It’s not like I have access to sound effects or good music. Or an editing program. Or people to read the different parts for that matter. So, like I said, I know its not a realistic idea. But its definitely a dream worth having.



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WANTED: Challenges & Weekly Prompts

Searching for recommendations.

Last year, I was part of a weekly challenge to write a story a week based on a weekly prompt. Although I didn’t participate every week, I loved being a part of the small community of writers. I’ve searched for other weekly challenges and prompts, but it’s hard to find the good ones. So I figured I’d ask here to see if anyone could recommend good sites that have weekly/monthly challenges. Flash fiction, micro-fiction, poetry, short stories….

If you know of any, please make a list in the comments.

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“From the Sky”

Like a truly crazy person I stood outside in the storm, my face tilted up to the cascading water as it fell from the sky. I watched as lightning zig-zagged across the blackness of night, filling the space around me with an eery white glow. It was amazing. Amazing how something that was considered so dangerous was so beautiful and calming.

I was soaked to the bone. My clothes weighed down upon me, stuck to my now cold and clammy skin. My long curly hair ran down the length of my back, dripping onto the concrete sidewalk. I was cold and wet and dirty. And I enjoyed every moment of it. How many people could say that they have stepped into the rain as I did, bare-footed with shorts and a t-shirt and just felt it with every sense on their body? How many could say they’ve felt beads of pure water drop as if in slow motion onto their arms and legs and face. Could say that they’ve shut out every thought in the world except for the rawness of brilliant silver lightning?

I could barely see the moon. It stood low; half hidden behind clouds of darkness that matched the deep black of the night sky.

I stood there until my body went numb with the cold and my eyes refused to open. I was so relaxed, so peaceful, so calm that I didn’t want to move. Didn’t want to go into the warmth, the dryness of the house. But I realized that that moment, like everything else in life, would sometime come to an end. And so I went, soaking and shivering, into the confines of my home where I soon drifted off into a deep sleep.


[Found this in my stacks of old writing. I remember writing it… I was still in high school so it was around 20 years ago. Can’t believe its been that long!]

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Saturday’s Daily

Your character wakes up and doesn’t know where they are or how they got there.

I chose this scenario because there are so many directions you could go with it. I wanted to see how many versions the same situation could bring about. I say it all the time, but its amazing how different each person’s mind works. Some might go thriller, some might turn it into a comedy of errors, some might even swing a romance. The rest is up to you….

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Friday’s Daily


This week I’m going to ask for something specific. I want 1,000 words by next Friday based on this image. I came across it last week and something about it inspired me, I’m hoping it will do the same to your creative sense. See ya when you pingback. :)

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Unconditional Love

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was so mean to my dog, Snooki, a moment ago that it made me cry. Before you throw paint on me in fits of protest, understand that it was not abusive in any way, shape or form. I could never do that to her, she is quite literally the love of my life. A cuddler by nature, she always has to be touching me in one way or another. She spoons me when we sleep, she lays her head on me when we watch TV, she is never more than a foot away from me at all times. Tonight, however, I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. The kind of uncomfortable that has me questioning whether I want to wake in the morning. The kind that is bothered by touch, by sight, by smell. Snooki, with her innate sense of empathy, jumps onto the bed and circles around me in her usual fashion, pushing her body against my leg and laying her head across my arm. It was harmless, loving. She was doing nothing more than offering me solace. In my growing annoyance, I snatched up my leg and barked at her to get away from me. I felt immediately horrible and wished I could’ve taken it back. She looked at me with those sad eyes and floppy ears before scurrying off the bed and into the other room. Guilt only furthered my depression and made me feel worse. But that’s another discussion altogether.

Some people think its crazy to be so attached to a pet… after all, its just an animal, right? For me, its almost like having a child. One who is always there for you in your time of need, who will protect you and who will love you loyally and without question. It’s a shame that some will go through life without having that.

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Thursday’s Daily

I finished “The Fall” last night. If you’ve seen it, you will understand where both the Truth and the Dare stem from this week. I won’t spoil anything for those of you who may watch it, but I will say that I was baffled at the end of the series. Watching it really made me think about a few things. Like, how well do we really know the people in our lives? How well do we really know ourselves, for that matter. It amazes me how genuinely different people can be; that there is such a thin line between fantasy and reality.

That’s why this week I’m going to ask you to dig deep down into your inner psyche. Whether it be physical or emotional, evil or good, wild or tame …. is there something that you think about in the deepest recesses of your mind that you would want to see or do or make a reality if it were possible? Something magical, perhaps? Or does the heart of a killer lie dormant in the darkest of your dreams?

TRUTH: What is your darkest fantasy? Tell us outright or turn it into a work of fiction.

DARE: Mirror a person you have a conversation with. Repeat everything they say, imitate everything they do.

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Wednesday’s Daily


or mon·ick·er  (mŏn′ĭ-kər)

n. Slang

A personal name or nickname; a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person’s given name);
synonyms: appellation, appellative, designation, denomination – identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others
[Probably from Shelta munik, name, possibly alteration of Irish Gaelic ainm, from Old Irish; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

I came across this word when I was reading the beginning of a book I ran across online. I have an apocalypse fetish and this is just another in a long line of the zombie sort. In the first pages, we find out that Australia has been taken over by zombies and humans are being cloned to produce food for them.
Evols, zombies, the walking dead. Early on, when TV still worked and we thought we had a chance, some geek labeled the risen dead as Extremely Violent Lucid Organisms. Evol was easier to Tweet and the moniker caught on around the world.
I had a general feel for the word, having heard it before but wanted a deeper grasp on its full definition. That of which I’m also sharing with you, my lovely followers….
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Tuesday’s Daily

 A sign of a great trailer is when it makes you fall in love with the movie before you ever even see it. That’s what happened to me back in 1998 when I saw the trailer to Ever After for the first time. I remember hearing the music and thinking, I have GOT to see this movie. Not only the music, but the scenes mixed with the music rolled together perfectly and to this day, it still remains the movie trailer that I’ll never forget. Ironically, neither of the songs (“Fable” by Robert Miles or “The Mummers Dance” by Loreena Mckennitt) appeared in the movie at all, but I didn’t know that at the time, and honestly it didn’t matter, the movie was great all on its own. Still, I’ll never forget the goosebumps that ran up & down my arms when it played. New Age and Trance music were already a part of my preferred genres anyway, so I bought both albums almost immediately.  It just goes to show how different we truly are… how some things that affect me greatly have no affect on others at all.


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Monday’s Daily

I watched the Legend of Hercules last night which led me to the decision of going Greek this week. I love me some Greek mythology, its the only time I ever paid attention in Humanities.  Although, with so many offspring, family trees get confusing…. I’ll start this week out with a simple legend. Ever heard of the minotaur and the maze? Here’s how the story goes:

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a king named Minos. King Minos lived on a lovely island called Crete. King Minos had everything a king could possibly want. Now and then, King Minos sent his navy to the tiny village of Athens, across the sea.

The king of Athens did not know what to do. He was desperate. He figured if he had some time, he could build a strong navy, strong enough to send King Minos packing the next time he attacked Athens. The king of Athens offered King Minos a deal. If he would not attack Athens for 9 years, Athens would send 7 boys and 7 girls to the island of Crete to be eaten by the awful monster that King Minos kept as a pet, the dreaded minotaur.

The minotaur lived in the heart of a maze on the island of Crete. King Minos loved that old monster. King Minos only attacked Athens when he was bored. He really didn’t want anything. This way, his beloved monster could look forward to a special treat every 9 years or so. King Minos took the deal.

Although Athens did build a navy, King Minos did not attack as the king of Athens had expected. In fact, King Minos kept his word. And now it was time for Athens to keep theirs.  Everyone in Athens was crying.

Prince Theseus of Athens knew the importance of keeping your word. He knew that a deal was a deal. But, he was also quite sure that it was wrong to send small children to be eaten by a monster. Prince Theseus told his father (the king) that he was going to Crete as the seventh son of Athens. He was going to kill the Minotaur and end the terror.

“The Minotaur is a terrible monster! What makes you think you can kill it?” cried his father.

“I’ll find a way,” Theseus replied gently. “The gods will help me.”

His father begged him not to go. But the prince took his place as the seventh Athenian boy. Along with six other Athenian boys and seven Athenian girls, Prince Theseus sailed towards Crete.

When the prince and the children arrived on the island of Crete, King Minos and his daughter, the Princess Ariadne, came out to greet them. The Princess Ariadne did not say anything. But her eyes narrowed thoughtfully. Late that night, she wrote Prince Theseus a note and slipped it under his bedroom door.

Dear Theseus (Ariadne wrote)

I am a beautiful princess as you probably noticed the minute you saw me. I am also a very bored princess. Without my help, the Minotaur will surely gobble you up. I know a trick or two that will save your life. If I help you kill the monster, you must promise to take me away from this tiny island so that others can admire my beauty. If interested in this deal, meet me by the gate to the Labyrinth in one hour.

Yours very truly,
Princess Ariadne

Prince Theseus slipped out of the palace and waited patiently by the gate. Princess Ariadne finally showed up. In her hands, she carried a sword and a ball of string.

Ariadne gave the sword and the ball of string to Prince Theseus. “Hide these inside the entrance to the maze. Tomorrow, when you and the other children from Athens enter the Labyrinth, wait until the gate is closed, then tie the string to the door. Unroll it as you move through the maze. That way, you can find your way back again. The sword, well, you know what to do with the sword,” she laughed.

Theseus thanked the princess for her kindness.

“Don’t forget, now,” she cautioned Theseus. “You must take me with you so that all the people can marvel at my beauty.”

The next morning, the Athenian children, including Prince Theseus, were shoved into the maze. The door was locked firmly behind them. Following Ariadne’s directions, Theseus tied one end of the string to the door. He told the children to stay by the door and to make sure the string stayed tied so the prince could find his way back again. The children hung on to the string tightly, as Theseus entered the maze alone.

Using the sword Ariadne had given him, Theseus killed the monstrous beast. He followed the string back and knocked on the door.

Princess Ariadne was waiting. She opened the door. Without anyone noticing, Prince Theseus and the children of Athens ran to their ship and sailed quietly away. Princess Ariadne sailed away with them.

On the way home, they stopped for supplies on the tiny island of Naxos. Princess Ariadne insisted on coming ashore. There was nothing much to do on the island. Soon, she fell asleep. All the people gathered to admire the sleeping princess. Theseus sailed quietly away with the children of Athens and left her there, sleeping.

After all, a deal is a deal.

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Sunday’s Daily


Unfortunately, I’ve had little interaction from any of my prompts. Either I’m not reaching a wide enough audience or the prompts themselves are lacking inspiration. So, I’m asking for your feedback. Are the prompts unique? Are they not specific enough? Do they spark your interest or do they fall flat? Is there something I could add, change or do to invoke more of a response?

If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions then comment away…. I truly want participants to have just as much of a voice as I do. Otherwise, whats the point?

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Saturday’s Daily

An accident shatters the protagonists life but at the same time brings a new friend/love (nurse, doctor, witness, counselor, lawyer, etc.) into it. Sometimes, the worst thing that can happen to you is the best thing that can happen for you. For every door that closes, another one opens. This week I want to know what’s behind your protagonists door….

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“Just Friends”

The moon stood low in the sky, an orange tint covering its surface. I stared at it, random horror movies playing in my head and I shivered.

“Are you cold?” a voice asked from the darkness.

“Yeah,” I said, and I wasn’t lying. The temperature had dropped in the last couple of days as the season headed into winter. I turned to Noah and smiled although it was hardly noticeable in the faint moonlight. We were sitting on the front porch of his house, swinging on a wooden bench.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked, although I was pretty sure I already knew the answer.

It was a second before he spoke. “Jess.”

For a guy as macho as Noah seemed to be, I never thought the tears would come so easily.

“Noah…” I started, not sure what to say. Instead, I searched for his hand and just held it. He squeezed it lightly and then looked at me.

“I just got off the phone with her,” he said. “She never wants to see me again.”

“I’m sorry. I really am.” I could see the pain on his face and I didn’t want to push him, but I wanted him to know that I was his friend. “If you want to talk about it, I’m always here.”

“Thanks. But there’s not a lot to say.” His arm rubbed against me as his shoulders moved up and down in a shrug. “She doesn’t feel the same about me anymore.”

“Noah,” I scolded, “don’t be so hard on yourself. Two years is a long time. People change. Especially since it’s our senior year. We all have a lot going on. She’s probably just confused. Give her time.”

“What if she doesn’t ever come back?”

“You’ll be fine. Soon you’ll be up and running again. It may take a while for you to get over her. You don’t just stop loving someone, but one day you’ll wake up and her face won’t be the first thing that you see. And you’ll be a better person for getting on with your life. She’ll always be a part you, your first love always is, but you will move on.”

As I sat there and comforted him, I felt like a fraud. I’d realized months ago that I was in love with him but I knew he’d never be mine. Not with Jessica in the picture. Now, there was no Jess, and although it tore me up to see him sad, that little voice in the back of my head was relieved. Right now, though, what Noah really needed was a friend and that’s all I’d ever be. He was never going to find out my true feelings.

My own thoughts had run away and it took me a minute to realize he was staring at me.

“What?” I asked. “Is my hair sticking up or something?” I smiled at him and suddenly he was kissing me. For a second I froze. I opened my mouth to tell him “No” but instead found myself kissing him back. It was magic at first, his lips soft and warm against mine.  Until I remembered that less than two weeks ago he’d called me ‘one of the guys’ and my head snapped back.

“Don’t,” I said to him.

“Cassie…” I’d never heard him say my name that way.

“I don’t want to be your rebound.”

“You’re not,” he denied softly.

“I would be. You know it and I know it. And that’s not fair to me.”

He didn’t speak. Just stared at the ground. So I stood and said goodbye. He looked up as if he were about to say something, then stopped. “Goodbye,” he whispered instead.

At that, I turned and walked to my car almost falling into the seat as my knees buckled. Now my emotions were in crisis mode. I didn’t know what to do. So I simply drove home, changed into a t-shirt and pajama bottoms and laid down. I stayed awake for some time. When sleep finally hit, it was deep and full of dreams of Noah.


* * *


Two days had passed by and still, no word from Noah, which was unusual. When he didn’t show up at Emily’s party that weekend, I called and left a message. He never called back. I decided to stop by his house the next morning. It wasn’t like him to stay out of touch for so long.

It was almost lunchtime when I made it over there. The weather matched my mood, grey and dreary. A continual sign that winter was just around the corner. I flipped on the heat and turned down his street just in time to see Jess’s car stop in his driveway. Her golden hair bounced around as she got out and walked up the front steps, feet away from the swing we had sat in only days before. My heart dropped and without stopping I passed his house, praying she didn’t see me.

I went straight home and cried, picturing the two of them back together. It had been easier before they broke up. Seeing them together was hard after awhile, but the dance was familiar. There had never been anything other than friendship between us, so I could push back the feelings I had for him, pretend they didn’t exist. But when he kissed me, everything changed. I couldn’t go back to pretending anymore and it was apparent by his lack of contact that he felt the same.

* * *


It was weeks before I saw Noah again. I was outside, washing my car when he pulled up behind me. I almost dropped the hose when I saw him step out. He’d gotten his hair cut and looked even cuter than I remembered.

“Hi, Cassie,” he said as he walked up.

“Hi, yourself,” I replied, coolly.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you,” he said, fiddling with the keys in his hand.

“That’s not my fault,” I said, already getting defensive.

“I know,” he looked at a loss for words. “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t call, but I didn’t think you’d want to talk to me.”

I threw down the rag in my hand and balked at him. “So you waited this long to come and talk to me?”

Hazel eyes pleaded for forgiveness and a sensation washed over me as I stared back. I wasn’t sure if it was sadness or anger. Maybe it was a combination of the two that had me admitting, “If you’d thought of me as a friend, you would have been here sooner.”

“But that was the problem.” He took a step forward.

I was confused.

“I don’t think of you as a friend,” he explained

Fire burnt my cheeks as my face flushed with anger. “Thank you, Noah, for driving all the way here to tell me that.” I turned and started to walk inside the house.

“I think of you as more than that,” he continued, stopping me in my tracks, my back still facing him. “I realized it the night you were at my house. I’ve wanted to be with you ever since then but I thought you’d be too mad to talk to me.”

I turned my head to the side, but didn’t turn around. “I drove by your house. A couple of days after I saw you last,” I said, coldly. “But Jess was there so I didn’t stay.”

“She’d come over to get some stuff she’d left.”

“Oh.” I bit my lip as I thought of all the scenarios that had raced through my head that day. That hadn’t been one of them.

“Cassie,” he said, coming closer. “I know I messed up, but I want a chance to make it up.”

I finally turned around, but didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know.”

An awkward silence lasted what seemed like forever before he said, “You know, you were right.”

My brows furrowed together questioningly.

“About me waking one day and not seeing Jess’s face anymore.” He smiled. “Now all I see is you.”

I almost fell over. “Okay,” I said, pretending like it was no big deal. “But, Noah,” I started as he pulled me to him. “Just don’t wait so long next time to tell me I’m not your friend.”





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Friday’s Daily


I’ve been plotting a story that involves many supernatural elements, including werewolves. Naturally that’s what comes to mind when I see this picture. However, that’s the beauty of imagination. Not everyone sees the same thing. Either way, I though this was a beautiful picture. The stark contrast of black and white, good and evil in the dead of night. Friend or foe, working together or drawing down.

You know the drill. Open your mind, follow it wherever it may lead. But don’t forget to tell us all about it…

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I had a dream last night

I had a dream last night. I don’t remember much, but I remember waking and this wave of sadness rushed over me. I dreamt of Patrick. He was a boy I knew when I was young. I first met him in fifth grade through Dari, my best friend at the time. They were cousins and we went to the after school YMCA program together. In middle school, my mom enrolled me in the YMCA’s summer program. That’s where I saw him again. He was two years younger than me and had a spitfire of an attitude. But he had the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. I think I was a little in love with him, even then. We became close friends but when the summers stopped, so did our friendship. He was a grade below me so I didn’t see much of him after that. Years went by and although I never forgot him, he became a thing of my past.

It wasn’t until I was 24 that I’d see him again. I had already been through one marriage and had my daughter. I was in a good place at that time. I had a great job and I was newly single and all about having fun. One night, on a weekend excursion to Midnight Rodeo, a country bar that I had frequented for years, I ran into Patrick. A country dance saloon was far from his cup of tea and he was completely out of his element but he was there  with a group of his friends. My heart fluttered. It was different from when I was younger but still somehow the same. I’ll still never forget his eyes. They were mischievous and captivating and oh, so blue.

We started to see each other, for lack of a better term. He lived in a house in town with a couple of his friends. It was party central there, booze and party drugs and everything in between. Soon, his friends became my friends and because as a taxi driver he worked odd hours, I would go over to the house and hang out until he got back. Everything was fun for awhile, but I knew he was never really mine.  There was always a distance there and he would never fully let me in. Things started to change and he began to push me away. One night, Patrick called me and by the time I got to the house, a party was in full swing. Not unusual for a weekend but this time, for me, it was different. I walked in and the first thing I saw was Patrick, strung out with some girl all over him. My stomach dropped and I left. I remember sitting in my car and crying. I never really recovered from that moment. What to someone else would seem so trivial was earth-shattering to me. I’ve only been in love once, the real kind. But Patrick was one of those young crushes that could easily have been the forever kind.

I didn’t see him again after that. I moved on but he was never far from my mind. A year and a half later, he died in a motorcycle accident. His friend was driving drunk and they ran into a pole. The driver survived, but Patrick, who had been wearing a helmet, died instantly from a broken neck. I remember getting the phone call from my best friend, Robyn. She was friends with him and the driver and heard about it almost right away. That was a hard night for me. I was already with someone else. Someone I had been with for almost a year and thought was the love of my life. He knew about Patrick and everything that had happened. I burst into tears when I hung up with Robyn – even though we hadn’t parted on the best terms, Patrick still had a major impact on me. The realization that I would never see him again, that no one would ever see him again crashed down on me. The response I received for my tears was just as disheartening. He was mad that I was upset that Patrick was dead. To him, it was an issue of jealousy… I was crying over another man. So, I waited for him to go to sleep and then I grieved alone.

When I woke this morning, it took a while for the dream effect to wear off. It had felt so real, so true, like I was 24 again and I had a chance to do it all over.  All those feelings came rushing back to me and I haven’t been able to shake it off all day.

Very few people know this story. It’s the first time I’ve put the whole thing into words. To this day, I wonder if things would’ve ended differently if I had stuck it out. Maybe he would’ve been with me that night instead of with Bud, driving on the motorcycle. All I know is that this heavy weight of depression has been on me all day. Whether its because of the dream, or losing Patrick or life in general, I don’t know. But it’s the only real thing I’ve felt in a very long time and I’m sure its not a good thing.

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Thursday’s Daily

I know my prompts are not always easy. They are not defined by rules or narrowed down to a single situation. Sometimes, having so many options makes it that much more difficult to start. So I’ll make it a bit simpler with this post. This week, I will focus on a truth of sorts.

Who are you?

Take a look at your life right now. Whether you are on top of the world or sitting at the low end of a very tall totem pole. Can you remember a single event that brought you to where you are today? What made you the person you became? Dig deep. Look into your inner depths and tell me who you really are.


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Wednesday’s Daily


(bəˈnɛv ə lənt)


1. characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings: a benevolent smile.
2. desiring to help others; charitable.
3. established for good works: a benevolent society.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin benevolent-, s. of benevolēns kindhearted =bene- bene- + volēns, present participle of velle to want, wish]
be•nev′o•lent•ly, adv.


(məˈlɛv ə lənt)


1. wishing evil or harm to others; malicious.
2. producing harm or evil; injurious.
[1500–10; < Latin, s. of malevolēns ill-disposed =male- male– + volēns, present participle of velle to want, desire]
ma•lev′o•lence, n.
ma•lev′o•lent•ly, adv.
This week is a double whammy. Although I never have a problem with using malevolent correctly, sometimes when I see benevolent I confuse the two. So, in case there were others out there like me, I decided to post both in an attempt to distinguish the words.
That way, you can go either direction with this weeks prompt. If you’re thinking happy thoughts write me a benevolent story…. but if you’re drawn to the darker side of things, sing me a song of malevolence.
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