WANTED: Challenges & Weekly Prompts

Searching for recommendations. Last year, I was part of a weekly challenge to write a story a week based on a weekly prompt. Although I didn't participate every week, I loved being a part of the small community of writers. I've searched for other weekly challenges and prompts, but it's hard to find the good … Continue reading WANTED: Challenges & Weekly Prompts


“Just Friends”

The moon stood low in the sky, an orange tint covering its surface. I stared at it, random horror movies playing in my head and I shivered. “Are you cold?” a voice asked from the darkness. “Yeah,” I said, and I wasn’t lying. The temperature had dropped in the last couple of days as the … Continue reading “Just Friends”

Love Me Tender

The keys jingled in the front lock. Once, twice, three times before they hit their mark and the door unlocked. John was home. He walked down the hall, each step getting louder as he headed in her direction. She took a deep breath. Plastered a smile on her face and turned to greet him, a … Continue reading Love Me Tender

Ten Seconds

It called her name. Like a dog whistle that only she could hear. The moment she saw it everything else faded into the background and the last few sober days meant nothing. "Earth to Ella." Her mother waved a cocoa skinned hand in front of her daughter's face. Ella snapped back to the conversation and … Continue reading Ten Seconds

Out of the Ashes

It was morning. The suns first rays peeked through the bedroom window, tinting the walls a pinkish orange. Her heart skipped a beat as she rolled over and saw him laying there. This was her favorite part of the day. That first fifteen minutes where everything was fresh and new and perfect.  She turned on her side and wrapped her arms … Continue reading Out of the Ashes

Divine Intervention

I stood outside the church entrance in the sexiest dress I owned and stared at the door. Ironically, this is where it had all started. Where Brad and I had first met in our youth group. How many times had I imagined it would be me on the other side of that door? Walking down the aisle … Continue reading Divine Intervention

Short Story Prompt

Your character is pregnant and in her last trimester. A storm is brewing and she breaks down in front of an old creepy motel. She was on her way out of town for [insert reason here], driving instead of flying because of how late in the pregnancy she is. Tell me her story. Any genre. 

Heads or Tails

"Heads we get married, tails we break up," he toyed with the coin in his hand. I almost choked on my soda and had to drag in a breath of air before responding to that doozy of a statement. I received a couple of glances in the process as if the tiny break in silence … Continue reading Heads or Tails


Within your soul lies a darkness. A force beyond your control. It breeds in your mind, living off of dreams and fears. But you don't know it's there. It calls out to you in the night, begging for a chance to escape. And one day... one day it will. [Found this in a stack of … Continue reading Prologue

The most important post you’ll EVER read. No seriously.

S-I-K-E-!!! But now that I've gotcha here..... He-he-hello. I see you’ve stumbled onto my little slice of internet heaven.  Here's a new little sumpin' sumpin' I've been thinking about doing and finally decided to get it goin. So let me give it to you straight: This is a creative writing blog, duh. 1. Each day … Continue reading The most important post you’ll EVER read. No seriously.

One dream I DON’T want to come true

It was dark. Somewhere between late night and early morning. I fumbled out of bed and slid into a pair of fuzzy slippers. At the edge of my dresser, I paused to grab a Marlboro from its crumpled box. Immediately, I heard the tap of Snooki's nails against the wood floor as she, too, jumped … Continue reading One dream I DON’T want to come true


It was late. Dark. A soft wind wrestled with the tips of Emma's hair as they scrambled their way through the thick barrage of trees. Caleb tugged her lightly from ahead, hand loosely gripping hers as he guided her to Sawyer's Pond. She knew they shouldn't be going there and the knots in the pit … Continue reading SHORT STORY: Bare Bones


Found some more old school shit. Circa 1998. It was written in high school, so its lacking a certain, well, hell just read it. The night was cold and grey. Through the walls, Caitlin Pierce could hear the rhythmic swaying of the trees and could hear the wind wrestling with their branches. She pulled the … Continue reading SHORT STORY: In Dreams

Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

Big brown eyes bore into my steady blues, begging me to lose. I could feel my eyes burning, tightening at the edges and I knew it was only seconds before...achoo! "Ha!" I cried. "I win." "Only on a technicality," Roger mumbled, sniffing indignantly as he wiggled his nose. "Fine. Best two out of three, then. … Continue reading Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

The Zombie Diaries…. Day 2

Monday, August 5, 2013 There is definitely something fucking wrong here. With Lexi being gone, I was jumping at shadows but I had convinced myself that it was just my overactive imagination and that everything was perfectly fine. No monsters under the bed. Well, guess what. The monsters may not be under my bed, but … Continue reading The Zombie Diaries…. Day 2

Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 1

12:14 a.m. The road seemed to close in on Natalie as she struggled to keep driving. She sat behind the wheel of a silver mini-van while her nine year old daughter, Kiley, slept in the back seat. They had been traveling for nearly six hours but Nat’s eyes kept glancing nervously at the rear view … Continue reading Dark Days: Natalie & Kiley PART 1

Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 1

Her face, if you could call it that, was mere inches from mine. One eyeball hung from its socket, dangling loosely by wire thin sinew. The left side of her mouth was still intact, lips twisted upward while the other half had been ripped clean off, bare teeth and jaw forming a grotesque smile. Two … Continue reading Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 1

WRITING/PROMPT: A Note From the Past

[Prompt: Playing in the hallway one day, your kids accidentally bump into your grandfather clock, which has been in the family for years. As it smashes into the ground, you find a note hidden inside from your great grandfather, who died two months after you were born. Strangely enough, the note is addressed to you.] … Continue reading WRITING/PROMPT: A Note From the Past


[@Writersdigest.com - Weekly Writing Prompt: While preparing your garden at the beginning of spring, you find the blueprints for your house buried in the earth. When you pull it out and examine it, you find that there is a room in the blueprint that doesn’t exist in your house. Both disturbed and intrigued, you set … Continue reading WRITING/PROMPT: The Hidden Room

SHORT STORY: "Alone" – written in high school

The night was cold and grey. Through the walls, Sienna Warfield could hear the rythmic swaying of the trees and could see the wind wrestling with their branches. She pulled the afghan up to her neck and resumed reading the Stephen King novel she had randomly chosen off of the bookcase. The fire crackled in … Continue reading SHORT STORY: "Alone" – written in high school