It was late. Dark. A soft wind wrestled with the tips of Emma's hair as they scrambled their way through the thick barrage of trees. Caleb tugged her lightly from ahead, hand loosely gripping hers as he guided her to Sawyer's Pond. She knew they shouldn't be going there and the knots in the pit … Continue reading SHORT STORY: Bare Bones



Revnant: Reanimated HumanHas control over dead thingsCan contact the "other side"; ghosts, spirits, etc. Feels the need to sacrifice themselves constantly to save the lives of others

CHARACTER TYPE: malevolent spirit

Malevolent Spirit: GhostCan disappear, walk through wallsCan decide who can see them and who can'tWhen they make themselves visible to someone they become corporealThey're very tricky & misleading

PROMPT: dead relative at door

You answer your doorbell and you are surprised to see your grandfather standing in the doorway. Mostly because he’s dead. He says, “I have some important things to tell you.” Talk about your reaction and what happens next.[credit:] Bryan Cohen

PLOT BABY: garage sale antique

At a garage sale, MC1 buys an antique [urn?] which they think will look nice on their mantle. When they get home, they realize its full of ashes....This could go a ton of different ways... the spirit could start haunting them in a harmless way, making it a comedy..... or they could become more sinister, … Continue reading PLOT BABY: garage sale antique


...but that was gone now and all that was left was a cold, motionless corpse....what had once been a beautiful friendship meant to last forever was suddenly a ghost lying cold in front of her.[credit:] Taellie @ NaNoWriMo

PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim

FMC1 was in an asylum for 10yrs? At age 6/8 she was put in because she kept seeing a ghost who looked like her grown up. At 16/18 she gets out (and even though she's still seeing the ghost she's managed to convince people she's better). She starts a new school and meets bad boy/rebel … Continue reading PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim