Thursday’s Daily

I finished "The Fall" last night. If you've seen it, you will understand where both the Truth and the Dare stem from this week. I won't spoil anything for those of you who may watch it, but I will say that I was baffled at the end of the series. Watching it really made me … Continue reading Thursday’s Daily


Thursday’s Daily

I know my prompts are not always easy. They are not defined by rules or narrowed down to a single situation. Sometimes, having so many options makes it that much more difficult to start. So I'll make it a bit simpler with this post. This week, I will focus on a truth of sorts. Who … Continue reading Thursday’s Daily

Thursday’s Daily

So now its that time, kiddos. Time to meet your inner child and check your inhibitions at the door. I'll give you two options and you can choose whichever one tickles your funny bone. But whatever you decide, I want to hear about it. TRUTH: Have you ever had the giggles in an inappropriate place?? … Continue reading Thursday’s Daily

Daily Prompt 16: Silly is as silly does

Most of us need to have fun once in a while, a little break from our mostly hum-drum boring lives. Something that leaves you feeling like a kid again, remembering what it was like when the most important part of your day was deciding what type of cereal to have for breakfast. So be a … Continue reading Daily Prompt 16: Silly is as silly does

Daily Prompt 10: Thursday

It's Thursday again? I must've slept through Wednesday. That means it's time to play a game. The choice is yours my friends. Will it be truth? ....... or DARE. TRUTH - Tell us a story about the wildest thing you have ever done in this lifetime. DARE - Stand on the road for a half … Continue reading Daily Prompt 10: Thursday

Daily Prompt 03: Thursday

It's that time again kiddos. Let's play our first game today. We'll call it... Truth or Dare! Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. I'm going to give you a choice. You decide which to take. TRUTH - If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? (First let us know WHY you only had … Continue reading Daily Prompt 03: Thursday