Thursday’s Daily

I finished “The Fall” last night. If you’ve seen it, you will understand where both the Truth and the Dare stem from this week. I won’t spoil anything for those of you who may watch it, but I will say that I was baffled at the end of the series. Watching it really made me think about a few things. Like, how well do we really know the people in our lives? How well do we really know ourselves, for that matter. It amazes me how genuinely different people can be; that there is such a thin line between fantasy and reality.

That’s why this week I’m going to ask you to dig deep down into your inner psyche. Whether it be physical or emotional, evil or good, wild or tame …. is there something that you think about in the deepest recesses of your mind that you would want to see or do or make a reality if it were possible? Something magical, perhaps? Or does the heart of a killer lie dormant in the darkest of your dreams?

TRUTH: What is your darkest fantasy? Tell us outright or turn it into a work of fiction.

DARE: Mirror a person you have a conversation with. Repeat everything they say, imitate everything they do.


Thursday’s Daily

I know my prompts are not always easy. They are not defined by rules or narrowed down to a single situation. Sometimes, having so many options makes it that much more difficult to start. So I’ll make it a bit simpler with this post. This week, I will focus on a truth of sorts.

Who are you?

Take a look at your life right now. Whether you are on top of the world or sitting at the low end of a very tall totem pole. Can you remember a single event that brought you to where you are today? What made you the person you became? Dig deep. Look into your inner depths and tell me who you really are.


Thursday’s Daily

So now its that time, kiddos. Time to meet your inner child and check your inhibitions at the door. I’ll give you two options and you can choose whichever one tickles your funny bone. But whatever you decide, I want to hear about it.

TRUTH: Have you ever had the giggles in an inappropriate place?? … c’mon, we’ve all been there. Choking back our laughter in church, trying to stifle it during a test, even hiding our hysteria at a funeral. It doesn’t make you a bad person, whatever the situation. Sometimes, emotions strike us in the oddest of times or in the strangest places. Think back to a time that you, or someone you know, had THAT kind of day. Or, if you’re truly one of those blessed with an ability to control your inner urges, fictionalize it. Tell me a story that’d make me… uh, giggle in an inappropriate place.

DARE: For those of you who don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, I offer you another route to take. Find a neighbor, preferably one you’re not too familiar with, and ask to borrow something. If you’re of the shy variety, it can be something as simple as a cup of sugar or an egg. Or, to liven things up or if you truly want to get to know your neighbor, tell them you had run out of things to watch and you were hoping they had a good DVD or book they could lend you to pass the time. Who knows, it may be the beginning of a new friendship.

These things can be fact or fiction…. I have no rules. Only that you let your imagination take you wherever it may go. My goal is simply to provide a little nudge (sometimes physical other times mental) to help you think outside the box. Have fun!

Daily Prompt 16: Silly is as silly does

Most of us need to have fun once in a while, a little break from our mostly hum-drum boring lives. Something that leaves you feeling like a kid again, remembering what it was like when the most important part of your day was deciding what type of cereal to have for breakfast. So be a kid again for a moment and play Truth-or-Dare with me!

TRUTH: What was the silliest thing you’ve ever done? Whether it was when you were a wee chitlin or even if you were a grown up pulling a child’s prank, tell us what you’ve done that made you feel like a kid.

DARE: Ask a complete stranger for a hug. Be a little spontaneous… do it on a bus or in an elevator or in line at the grocery store. See the reaction you get for asking someone you’ve never met for a little one on one affection.

These may seem a little on the silly side, but that’s the point. If you just can’t bring yourself to accost a complete stranger, but cant remember a time when you did something just to make you or someone else laugh, then go for it now! Play a game of duck duck goose with the neighbors kids, call and ask a store to page Seymore Butts, start a game of ding-dong-ditch. Do something just for the hell of it and tell us all about it.

Daily Prompt 10: Thursday

It’s Thursday again? I must’ve slept through Wednesday. That means it’s time to play a game. The choice is yours my friends. Will it be truth? ……. or DARE.

TRUTH – Tell us a story about the wildest thing you have ever done in this lifetime.

DARE – Stand on the road for a half hour or so pretending to talk to someone who is not actually there. (I would soooo love to hear how people react to this!)


Now, I know these aren’t the greatest ideas, but they’re the first things that come to mind, so I figure, what the hell. Now go. Do it. Have fun. Be creative.

Daily Prompt 03: Thursday

It’s that time again kiddos. Let’s play our first game today. We’ll call it… Truth or Dare! Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. I’m going to give you a choice. You decide which to take.

TRUTH – If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? (First let us know WHY you only had the 24 hours left because every situation would lead to completely different circumstances. Obviously if you were kidnapped for a ransom that was never going to come you wouldn’t be able to go out and spend $200,000 on the car of your dreams to take for a spin.)

DARE – Follow someone in public until they freak out. (Oh please pick this one. I would love to see/hear the outcome of someone who thought they were being stalked!)

Now go. Run. Play with scissors in traffic. Just make sure you live so you can sue whoever damaged you. It’s the American way. But don’t forget to ping & tag #RMMW THURSDAY. Peace out yo.