The Beginning of My End

I remember the first night he spoke to me. It was a usual Friday night at the Rodeo. For months I had been frequenting the country bar on a weekly basis. It had become my secondary home, a place where the bouncers and the bartenders knew me by name. My friend, Jennifer and I were … Continue reading The Beginning of My End


I had a dream last night I had a dream last night. I don't remember much, but I remember waking and this wave of sadness rushed over me. I dreamt of Patrick. He was a boy I knew when I was young. I first met him in fifth grade through Dari, my best friend at the time. They were cousins … Continue reading I had a dream last night

WANTED: Someone to love…. me

I want a man who loves me and no one else. Who puts me before all others. Who I can trust with my life. Who stands behind any decision I make. Who is strong. Who is head smart, not necessarily book smart. Who makes me feel safe. Who gives me space when I need it. … Continue reading WANTED: Someone to love…. me

PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim

FMC1 was in an asylum for 10yrs? At age 6/8 she was put in because she kept seeing a ghost who looked like her grown up. At 16/18 she gets out (and even though she's still seeing the ghost she's managed to convince people she's better). She starts a new school and meets bad boy/rebel … Continue reading PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim

PLOT: cupid loses belief in love

FMC is a cupid that doesn’t believe in love. Actually, she just doesn’t believe real love exists anymore. After watching arrow-struck people cheat on each other despite confessing their love FMC has become so jaded to the idea of love she feels it’s about as real as unicorns. Which, as a cupid, is about as … Continue reading PLOT: cupid loses belief in love

PLOT: angels give up X to live with human warriors

A Long time ago a few warriors were close to dying on the edge of the battle field, fighting strongly for their country, so a few angels came down from Heaven to help heal them. But the men were so close to fading that they only saw vague blurs of females. But while they were … Continue reading PLOT: angels give up X to live with human warriors

PLOT: romantic thriller

MC's life changes drastically when she finds out her mother/father/sibling was murdered. She moves back to her hometown to sort through it all when she's attacked, also, after finding (?) in her relative's belongings. Thinks it may have something to do with their murder. She contacts local police, who happens to be MC's high school … Continue reading PLOT: romantic thriller

PLOT: small town high school Reunion

Boy and girl grew up together as best friends in a small town. Boy claimed love for girl but she turned him down and his parents moved away shortly after. She ended up staying & becoming the town vet(?). Now he's back in town for their ten year reunion, along with the rest of her … Continue reading PLOT: small town high school Reunion

PLOT: supernatural love story

Girl finds out she is dying and confides in her best friend. OR she could get into an accident when her best friend is with her and has to make a split decision. She has always loved him and he feels the same but they had never told each other. He says he can save … Continue reading PLOT: supernatural love story