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or mon·ick·er  (mŏn′ĭ-kər)

n. Slang

A personal name or nickname; a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person’s given name);
synonyms: appellation, appellative, designation, denomination – identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others
[Probably from Shelta munik, name, possibly alteration of Irish Gaelic ainm, from Old Irish; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

I came across this word when I was reading the beginning of a book I ran across online. I have an apocalypse fetish and this is just another in a long line of the zombie sort. In the first pages, we find out that Australia has been taken over by zombies and humans are being cloned to produce food for them.
Evols, zombies, the walking dead. Early on, when TV still worked and we thought we had a chance, some geek labeled the risen dead as Extremely Violent Lucid Organisms. Evol was easier to Tweet and the moniker caught on around the world.
I had a general feel for the word, having heard it before but wanted a deeper grasp on its full definition. That of which I’m also sharing with you, my lovely followers….

Wednesday’s Daily


(bəˈnɛv ə lənt)


1. characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings: a benevolent smile.
2. desiring to help others; charitable.
3. established for good works: a benevolent society.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin benevolent-, s. of benevolēns kindhearted =bene- bene- + volēns, present participle of velle to want, wish]
be•nev′o•lent•ly, adv.


(məˈlɛv ə lənt)


1. wishing evil or harm to others; malicious.
2. producing harm or evil; injurious.
[1500–10; < Latin, s. of malevolēns ill-disposed =male- male– + volēns, present participle of velle to want, desire]
ma•lev′o•lence, n.
ma•lev′o•lent•ly, adv.
This week is a double whammy. Although I never have a problem with using malevolent correctly, sometimes when I see benevolent I confuse the two. So, in case there were others out there like me, I decided to post both in an attempt to distinguish the words.
That way, you can go either direction with this weeks prompt. If you’re thinking happy thoughts write me a benevolent story…. but if you’re drawn to the darker side of things, sing me a song of malevolence.

Wednesday’s Daily



v. as·cend·ed, as·cend·ing, as·cends

1. To go or move upward; rise: The balloon ascended into the clouds.
2. To slope upward: The trail ascends to an outcrop overlooking the valley.
3. To rise from a lower level or station; advance: ascended from poverty to great wealth; ascend to the throne.
4. To go back in time or upward in genealogical succession.

1. To move upward upon or along; climb: ascended the mountain.
2. To slope upward toward or along: The road ascends the ridge.
3. To succeed to; occupy: ascended the throne upon the death of her father.

[Middle English ascenden, from Old French ascendre, from Latin ascendere : ad-, ad- + scandere, to climb; see skand- in Indo-European roots.]

as·cend′a·ble, as·cend′i·ble adj.
Always thought it was a pretty word. It reminds me of angels and their flight into Heaven…. So now it’s your turn. Give me 500 words wherever this may take you. Tag your response RMMW Wednesday or better yet, pingback by linking this post. Share your vision.

Daily Prompt 15: Effervescent

ef·fer·vesce  (ĕf′ər-vĕs′)

intr.v. ef·fer·vesced, ef·fer·vesc·ing, ef·fer·vesc·es

1. To emit small bubbles of gas, as a carbonated or fermenting liquid.
2. To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up.
3. To show high spirits or animation.

[Latin effervēscere : ex-, up, out; see ex- + fervēscere, to start boiling, inchoative of fervēre, to boil; see bhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

ef′fer·ves′cence, ef′fer·ves′cen·cy n.
ef′fer·ves′cent adj.
ef′fer·ves′cent·ly adv.
Some of you may think that effervescent is a Gothic rock band…. others may already know it for it’s correct meaning and some may have never heard the word at all. I think it’s one of those words that’s just fun to say, and so has become this weeks creative inspiration. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Whether it has anything to do with the actual word, or its meaning or possibly, even, what you thought it meant… get those creative juices flowing and show me the money!

Daily Prompt 02: Surreptitious


surreptitious [ˌsʌrəpˈtɪʃəs]


1. done, acquired, etc., in secret or by improper means
2. operating by stealth
3. characterized by fraud or misrepresentation of the truth

[from Latin surreptīcius furtive, from surripere to steal, from sub- secretly + rapere to snatch]
surreptitiously  adv
surreptitiousness  n
I flipped open the dictionary and there it just kind of, stared at me. So I thought, what the hell. That’ll be this weeks word! so… Shake that ass. Watch yourself. Shake that ass, show me watcha workin with!
Just don’t forget to ping and tag it #RMMW WEDNESDAY.
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