10th Annual Pop Fiction Contest

  I just got the email today that its time for Writer's Digest 10th Annual Pop Fiction Contest. Figured I'd share it for those of you who weren't familiar with Writer's Digest. Sometimes I participate in their weekly prompt challenges.  But if you've got a short story of 4,000 words or less then maybe this … Continue reading 10th Annual Pop Fiction Contest


Heads or Tails

"Heads we get married, tails we break up," he toyed with the coin in his hand. I almost choked on my soda and had to drag in a breath of air before responding to that doozy of a statement. I received a couple of glances in the process as if the tiny break in silence … Continue reading Heads or Tails

Don’t Worry ’bout A Thing

Bob Marley’s jamaican accent floated across the room as my cell phone rang. Don’t worry… ‘bout a thing… ‘cause every little thing… gonna be alright... I looked down and saw my mother’s number. Such a pretty song, I told myself. I’ll just listen to it a minute longer. It had nothing to do with the … Continue reading Don’t Worry ’bout A Thing