PLOT: life lesson

MC has a near death experience in first chapter. ... then follows the rest of the story. Come to find out the MC never woke up in beginning and the rest is (whatever experience you decide). MC is still in a coma and this is all a dream. So when he wakes up, the whole … Continue reading PLOT: life lesson


PLOT: "No Escape"

FMC is victim of a serial killer. She is the only to one to have made it out alive, but her face was badly burned/mutilated in the process. She had to have many major reconstructive surgeries to correct her face, but does not look the same as she used to. Using that to her advantage … Continue reading PLOT: "No Escape"

PROMPT: awakening from coma

[waking from coma] A bright light breaks the penetrating darkness. Sounds seem to stream into my conscience [into me as I regain consciousness], slowly at first until they come screaming/flooding in at full force. I launched my body upward, only to be pinned down by some invisible force. The blurred images around me sharpen into....A … Continue reading PROMPT: awakening from coma