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Freebie: Character Worksheet

Sometimes I have a name. Sometimes I have a face. A tattoo. A disfigurement. A crazy aunt who sets my MC on blind dates at least once a week. Sometimes the back story comes to me without a physical body. So I created a worksheet that I can fill in the blanks as I go. … Continue reading Freebie: Character Worksheet



Name: Joey (last name unknown)Age: 18Apparent Age: 16Height: 5'8"Weight: 140#Build: Thin but muscular, basically swimmer's buildHair: BlackEyes: BrownFeatures: Gold lip-ringJoey has recently been outed as gay to his stepfather, and as a result, was brutally attacked by both his stepfather and older stepbrother, Tonio. (The stepfather is never actually introduced in the course of the … Continue reading CHARACTER: Joey

CHARACTER(s): brother & sister

Chrystoph BealenourFemale, 15Long blonde hair kept in a braid, somewhat tanned skin, brown eyesFit, about 4' 00", quiet, strong, observant, and stubborn.In my story, she was subjected to genetic experimentation which gave her large bird wings, but you can take either version of her.Jacobi BealenourMale, 8Spiky brown hair, pale skin, blue eyesSlim but not particularly … Continue reading CHARACTER(s): brother & sister

CHARACTER: Alex Campbell

Name: Alex CampbellGender: MaleAge: 26 Appearance: Eyes the color of gray skies after it rains. Brown hair that he never manages to get the curl out of, looking slightly disheveled at the best of times. Neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. He wears thick sweaters (in winter) and t-shirts (in summer) and faded jeans.Description of past: … Continue reading CHARACTER: Alex Campbell