“The Accident”

Something raced out into the road, a massive blur of blood on white fur. Panic spiked through Aura, its affect deafening, and she floored the brakes. For a split second the only sound she heard was her own heartbeat slamming its way out of her chest and then everything exploded all at once. Her bumper … Continue reading “The Accident”


Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

Big brown eyes bore into my steady blues, begging me to lose. I could feel my eyes burning, tightening at the edges and I knew it was only seconds before...achoo! "Ha!" I cried. "I win." "Only on a technicality," Roger mumbled, sniffing indignantly as he wiggled his nose. "Fine. Best two out of three, then. … Continue reading Dark Days: Eve & Lily PART 2

BACKSTORY: The First Shapeshifter

Once there was a very powerful witch. upon finding her husband cheating on her with another woman, she turned the man into a snake and he slithered away. Now the witch, taking some pity on the broken-hearted woman, gave her a choice. Did she want to die right then or did she want the witch … Continue reading BACKSTORY: The First Shapeshifter