Friday’s Daily


This week I’m going to ask for something specific. I want 1,000 words by next Friday based on this image. I came across it last week and something about it inspired me, I’m hoping it will do the same to your creative sense. See ya when you pingback. 🙂


Friday’s Daily


I’ve been plotting a story that involves many supernatural elements, including werewolves. Naturally that’s what comes to mind when I see this picture. However, that’s the beauty of imagination. Not everyone sees the same thing. Either way, I though this was a beautiful picture. The stark contrast of black and white, good and evil in the dead of night. Friend or foe, working together or drawing down.

You know the drill. Open your mind, follow it wherever it may lead. But don’t forget to tell us all about it…

Friday’s Daily

I don’t know about you, but I love big city night life. I always thought that if I hadn’t had kids at such a young age, I would have moved to New York and been part of the sleep all day, up all night atmosphere of the “new adult” experience. Now I’m 34 and there’s no “newness” to the adult in me and nothing I can do to erase the hands of time. I’m officially a “ma’am” and I think that bugs me above all else. Mostly because I feel so young at heart. I’m still that teenager who yearns to party, who listens to techno and if I could still pull off my knee-high boots and tiny skirts, I’d sure as hell be wearing them. I’d put two 12’s in my trunk and listen to the bass thud as I drove down the street. I’d text & twitter and selfie with the best of them.

What about you? Does this inspire a story? or does it call to the inner party person within just waiting for a night out on the town? ….

Daily Prompt 17: Tell me their story

I absolutely adore this photo. It makes me wish for a simple life of corn dogs and carny music. Where the pressures of life mean nothing and all that matters are boys and cotton candy. If only I would’ve taken more pictures of myself growing up, but I was too self conscious and cared more about how I looked than having the memories to look back on. What do you think their story is? ….

Daily Prompt 11: Friday

Sometimes it only takes a simple image to conjure a million ideas. The who, what, where, when and why’s start dancing around like little sugar plums on Christmas morning. Write me! …. No, write ME! they call. This picture had my mind racing the second I saw it. There’s nothing spectacular about it, nothing fancy. But sometimes less is more. Use it. Abuse it. Ignore it. Whatever. Just ping & tag if you DO hit the jackpot. 😀



Daily Prompt 04: Friday

Well, TGIFF. If you know the naughty me, you’ll know what the extra “F” is without having to ask…

I’m a little late getting this posted, but no one said I was the perfect host. Better late than never, eh? So here it is. Today’s photo. Ta duh!!!

This photo caught my eye when I was googling something or other a day last week and I keep a little folder on my computer for images I come across that strike my fancy. It’s amazing what a simple picture can do to spark some creativity. But what amazes me even more so, is just how differently people perceive the same image. So take this & twist it how you will. I really want to see YOUR perception! 😀


Good Luck and don’t forget to pingback & tag your response.

Not for commercial use - specifically intended for use as inspiration only and no reproduction of any kind.

Not for commercial use – specifically intended for use as inspiration only and no reproduction of any kind.