Divine Intervention

I stood outside the church entrance in the sexiest dress I owned and stared at the door. Ironically, this is where it had all started. Where Brad and I had first met in our youth group. How many times had I imagined it would be me on the other side of that door? Walking down the aisle … Continue reading Divine Intervention


PROMPT: alter your past

The opportunity arises to go back in time and alter one event. What event do you alter? Describe your encounter from the past and its consequences in the present.[credit:] Bryan Cohen

PLOT: time travel murder mystery

MC finds the journal of a girl from the 1920's. (She can maybe work at an antique shop... or find it in the attic of the house her family just moved into... or could be staying with a relative in a creepy old mansion, etc). She becomes obsessed with the girl in the journal and … Continue reading PLOT: time travel murder mystery