IDEAS: Zombies

Different Types: Voodoo:   awakened & resurrectedParasitic: takes over the brain/nervous systemVirus:      flesh-eating- Witch doctor helps to resurrect someone from the dead. This person/thing comes back semi-normal at first. Then starts to crave flesh. Finally bites someone and causes a chain reaction.- Group on an island. Gets bitten by some rare monkey thing or falls victim … Continue reading IDEAS: Zombies


PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim

FMC1 was in an asylum for 10yrs? At age 6/8 she was put in because she kept seeing a ghost who looked like her grown up. At 16/18 she gets out (and even though she's still seeing the ghost she's managed to convince people she's better). She starts a new school and meets bad boy/rebel … Continue reading PLOT: reincarnate of murder victim