PLOT: Twin, Triplet or clone?

Something awful happens to MC in the town that she grew up in, [was thinking her twin sister died & she felt this like painful ripping sensation when it happened] so she leaves and treks her way across the country looking for [a new start]. She winds up in [name of place] with nothing but … Continue reading PLOT: Twin, Triplet or clone?


CHARACTER: twin sisters Pepper & Bee

Name: Penelope CottonNickname: PepperAge: 14-15Personality: Pepper is sweet, friendly and immature. She's very idealistic and expects the world to be fair. She's the older twin, but she is treated like a baby most of the time. She loves art, especially sculpting. Pepper also enjoys cooking, which she is spectacularly bad at, and has a penchant … Continue reading CHARACTER: twin sisters Pepper & Bee

PLOT BABY: twin separation

MC was in the middle of doing some every day act when suddenly they felt this unbearably horrific pain that couldn't be explained. They haven't heard from their twin since and know something must have happened and that's what that feeling had to do with.