WRITING: Eve’s kidnapping

2:05 pm It was raining. One of those hard steady rains that soaks you to the bone. The man stood patiently on the sidewalk among the other parents and guardians waiting to pick up their children. He wore jeans and a t-shirt with a waterproof hoodie and carried a medium sized black umbrella, for all … Continue reading WRITING: Eve’s kidnapping


PLOT: kidnapping as children, killing as adults

FMC was kidnapped when she was little. Somehow escapes. Now she's all grown up and they never caught the guy. She thinks she sees him at some random store. Does she go to police? Or does she just leave it alone thinking he'd never recognize her even if they were face to face? or does … Continue reading PLOT: kidnapping as children, killing as adults

PLOT: visions of murder

FMC has dream of murder. Thinks nothing of it until she sees the body on the news the next morning. Freaks out, but life goes on. Then, has another dream. Decides to go to police this time even though she knows they are going to laugh at her. They do. Until they find the second … Continue reading PLOT: visions of murder

PLOT: Stalker

- Beach (ish)- Works @ a Bar/club/restaurant as a singer? dancer? waitress?- 1st: one of the patrons that comes in often & has a thing for MC is killed. They find his body on the beach. (dont realize at this point that it has anything to do with her)- starts getting weird presents? goes to … Continue reading PLOT: Stalker