PLOT: Reunited

Two siblings who were adopted separately at an early age have been searching for each other for years. When they are finally reconnected, they come to find out that they have been living on the same street for almost 2 years! You can have them never have met each other, or you can go a … Continue reading PLOT: Reunited


CHARACTER(s): brother & sister

Chrystoph BealenourFemale, 15Long blonde hair kept in a braid, somewhat tanned skin, brown eyesFit, about 4' 00", quiet, strong, observant, and stubborn.In my story, she was subjected to genetic experimentation which gave her large bird wings, but you can take either version of her.Jacobi BealenourMale, 8Spiky brown hair, pale skin, blue eyesSlim but not particularly … Continue reading CHARACTER(s): brother & sister