Sometimes they come back

They buried his body that day along with her broken heart. Darkness whispered to her that if God wouldn't bring him back, she could. She cried his name over white candles laced in black magic, breaking his eternal sleep. In the dead of night, there was a knock at her door.     This was … Continue reading Sometimes they come back


What atmosphere do you thrive in?

I am a creature of night. And no, I don't mean the kind with fangs and the ability to live forever. I do, however, find myself constantly wishing it were dark all the time. Dark, not night. There's something about darkness that captivates me but I don't know why, it's a feeling that I can't explain. I get … Continue reading What atmosphere do you thrive in?

One dream I DON’T want to come true

It was dark. Somewhere between late night and early morning. I fumbled out of bed and slid into a pair of fuzzy slippers. At the edge of my dresser, I paused to grab a Marlboro from its crumpled box. Immediately, I heard the tap of Snooki's nails against the wood floor as she, too, jumped … Continue reading One dream I DON’T want to come true


It was late. Dark. A soft wind wrestled with the tips of Emma's hair as they scrambled their way through the thick barrage of trees. Caleb tugged her lightly from ahead, hand loosely gripping hers as he guided her to Sawyer's Pond. She knew they shouldn't be going there and the knots in the pit … Continue reading SHORT STORY: Bare Bones