Brain Tumor Diagnosis….

This guy is an amazing talent. I’ve fallen in love with many of his works and if I could afford to buy art, his would definitely be the first I would get. I’m keeping him in my thoughts and will pass this along, hoping those of you who see it will do the same.

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

Hi Friends and Fans of Ray! This is his wife, Rhian Ferrer….
Tuesday morning I found Ray in bed having a seizure (he has never had one before) I brought him to the hospital and he is stable but has a massive baseball sized tumor in/on his brain.  He will be undergoing surgeries, radiation and chemo therapy in the upcoming months.  

I have set up a Go Fund Me page for Ray.

Here is the link.

Please share and be sure to check out the links on the page, including the Etsy link where you can get get great art prints of his that will also help contribute!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and our family thanks you. He holds his fans in such high regards and will be updating everyone as things progress.

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(Extended) Voting for June is now open!

A couple of weeks ago I posted “Sometimes They Come Back“, a 50 word flash fiction piece for June’s competition. If you thought it was winning material then take a few seconds to vote for me before July 12th! Voting is open to anyone, so all it takes is a click of the button… well, two if you count clicking on the link to get there. 😉

elizabeth frattaroli

ballot box

What an interesting month and a heartening response to the 50 word micro fiction prompt.  Who knew you could get such a mix of complete stories, genres and topics in such a restricted word count!  I would like to thank all who took part and think you will agree that there are plenty of strong entries to choose from when it comes to casting your vote.  Remember, voting is open to all whether you entered something into the competition or not and the voting poll is now attached for you to vote for your favourite entry.

In a change from normal procedure, voting will remain open until the 12th of July as I am about to enter a cyber black hole…  As usual however, the winner will then get to set the next writing prompt.  Good luck to all who entered. 🙂

Who will you vote for?  Remember, voting is open to all, so make sure that…

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If you can, please take the time to help support one of the writer’s I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with. You can check out his Kickstarter campaign here:

Article 94


The Kickstarter campaign for Champion Standing starts now! Remember, you’re pledging, not donating. If you meet any of the reward thresholds, you will get that reward. Spread the word – If I don’t reach the $1000 goal, I get nothing and the campaign fails.

I mentioned this on Saturday: Escape is pretty much done. I’ll agonize over it for a little while and release it in July at the earliest, August at the latest.

Paradox is free June 13th – 17th on Amazon. I could use some reviews, people!

In other news, fellow author and RPG designer, Todd Van Hooser owns the copyright on some beautiful line art by Joel Cotejar. I wanted it for the cover of Champion Rising. Todd gave his blessing, so I’ve created a rough cover concept for Champion Rising:


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Short Story Prompt

Your character is pregnant and in her last trimester. A storm is brewing and she breaks down in front of an old creepy motel. She was on her way out of town for [insert reason here], driving instead of flying because of how late in the pregnancy she is. Tell me her story. Any genre. 

Are we there yet?

I have spent the last month taking all of my “idea” notebooks and copying them onto a new blog. The sad thing is I am still absolutely nowhere near close to being done. But in the end, I think it will be totally worth it. I have everything grouped by main category first (ie: PLOT, PROMPT, CHARACTER, ABILITY) then tagged accordingly. So when I am finished, if I’m brainstorming for ideas, all I have to do is click on my tags and it’ll bring up every post that has anything to do with +female +pure blood +wolf +shapeshifters. Easy peasy!

I had started a Blogger site devoted to it before, but I decided I wanted it on WordPress instead. I added links to resource pages I use on a regular basis, like generators, name sites, info pages, etc. Now, I’m just trying to decide whether I want to keep it private or share it with others. If I share it, there’s always a chance that people would take my original ideas and use them as their own. Some of the prompts & things were ones I found on the web but they’re all marked with the credit where I found them. However, a lot of the ideas are solely my own. Which is more important… keeping my lovelies all to my self? or sharing them with the world hoping to get that one even more perfect idea? 

At this rate, I’ll have months to decide, lol. Better get on it!

I’m Selling Myself. In truth, aren’t we all?

Sreejit over at The Seeker’s Dungeon posted a very tough question this week. What message is it that you’re selling?

I think, as bloggers, we are all selling the same thing. Ourselves.

We may have very different subject matter lining the pages of our blogs, but the one thing we have in common is the fact that every thought, idea, belief that is posted on those pages portrays whats important to each of us, whether its in that moment or something we’re remembering from a long time ago. 

Everything on our blogs, from the designs we choose to the links we post and the posts we share, is a reflection of who we are or who we want to be; who we want others to see us as. We want people to share in those feelings and ideas because they’re important to us. Some of us are offering guidance, some of us are looking for answers and some of us are just looking to connect.

Regardless of what’s on our pages we’re all conveying the same message. See who I am, see what matters to me and join in on the adventure, whatever it may be.

Items for Sale

Sooo… I’ve added a couple of items to my site that I’m hoping will generate at least a small portion of income for me. Course, with the cost of materials and the length of time it takes to make, I’m not profiting very much, lol. However, I like to make them and I especially love people’s reactions when they receive them.



The first one I made for a best friend’s wedding later this year. It’s a larger, double-sided album with 12 pages full of pockets, tags, journal spots and photo mats. It measures 9×7 and opens up in two sections. I went with the traditional black and white wedding theme for that one.


The second one is a single-sided album. It has 6 pages full of the pockets, tags, journal spots and photo mats. That one measures 6×8 and was made for a friends baby boys 1st year. I had quite a few photos to go along with it, so was able to personalize it a bit more than leaving the entire thing blank for others to fill in.

Keep in mind both styles are completely customizable. Basically all you have to do is tell me what colors, themes, etc you want it to be and whether you’d like the single-sided or double-sided style. They are VERY time consuming, so I’m asking to allow 1-2 weeks for creating it, but I promise it will be worth it at the end!

Plus, I make personalized Framed Baby Stats or Anniversary art, too, so if you know of anyone who is looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, please spread the word!

Just a coupla things on my mind

1. Paul Walker – I know this is last weeks news, per say, but still weighs heavily on my mind. It’s funny how sometimes you follow an actor or actress so closely that you almost feel as if you know them in reality. They are so often put in the spotlight that a lot of the time we know more about them than we know about our actual friends and family. My mom was the first to hear the news and when she told me, I admit that I actually cried for a minute. I felt silly, crying for someone I’ve never met, but in this case, I truly believe that we lost one of the “good ones”. He seems to have been a down to earth, all around great guy.

2. I am pissed. Lost Girl season 4 started a month ago on Showcase, but as it’s a Canadian show, they don’t release it here (and on SyFy) until mid-January. Even on the website, it has the first 4 episodes, but I can’t watch them because of the region. I have to wait until they’re available on SyFy and that just irritates me. I WANT MY KENZI.

3. I am desperately seeking a way to turn my youtube playlists into mp3s. Someone, somewhere, told me at one time that you can convert the youtube videos into .mp3 format, but I don’t remember who told me or how to do it. And I have the first 5 seasons of the Vampire Diaries that I want to convert. So… about 600 songs total.

4. I’m tired of my dogs eating my underwear.

Free Book! December 5th to December 7th

Help support my fellow blogger by downloading his new book, Bad Mojo Blues, from Amazon. Even if it’s not your usual genre, give it a chance! It’s free on Amazon until December 7th, so please take a few minutes of your time to grab it. ❤

Undefined at its best




Bad Mojo Blues. An Urban Fantasy set in the American Southwest.


Thursday December 5th through Saturday December 7th the book is free to download via Kindle and Kindle able devices.

Don’t have a Kindle?

I use it 🙂

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