A phone call during the Apocalypse

Okay, so I am really really bad at acBadgeA_participanttually finishing  a story as of late. This was for Prompt #4 of my 2018 Flash Fiction Challenge (which I am hardcore FAILING at this point). But, I did at least have a start, and something is better than nothing, so I am posting what I have. Hell, with the way things have been going, I’m lucky I even got this much down. What is with me and apocalypses anyway? It’s like that’s the first place my mind goes when starting a new story….The End of the World as we know it.

A phone lit up. Its soft buzzing reverberated the plastic shell a fraction of an inch across the tabletop, but no other sound could be heard. No one picked up and the classroom fell silent once again.

*   *   *

“Come on,” a frustrated Lily growled at the unanswered call. “Pick up the damn phone.” She paced across the small living area, her bare feet digging into the plush teal rug. The room was designed to hide everything, but right now it seemed utterly barren. All her worldly possessions hidden behind white storage cabinets and inside baskets that slid into open cubicles.

Her pace quickened and she tore her hand through her hair, nervous energy reflecting in every move she made. she glanced at the phone still in her hand and was about to dial for the fifth time when she heard a siren getting closer. Police? Ambulance? Fire department? She didn’t know what was going on, only that she couldn’t get through to Kai.

A million images flashed through her mind… Kai smiling at her from across the bar the first time they met, Kai’s profile as he stood looking out her window just that morning before he left for class. Then, a final image of Kai, his irises gray and hazy, his skin torn and sallow, lips covered in blood, like a child who’d just eaten a melting cherry Popsicle.

She shook off the horrible thoughts. Her mind was just playing tricks on her. Kai was smart, strong. He could take care of himself.


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