I’m Not Who You Think I Am

I wasn’t going to publish this. I didn’t finish my submission for Prompt #2, but I did have a decent idea going and if I’d had a little more time, may have been able to follow through. Things have just been super crazy lately. But then I BadgeA_participantthought, I did START to write it and maybe someday I’ll come back and finish it, and the whole point of the challenge is to get your juices flowing, it’s not a competition. So I decided to post what I had so far in the spirit of at least attempting to get something on paper!


It was late. The sun had set hours ago, but through the open window the sky was still a light grey, wispy clouds gathering around an almost full moon. Tori Jones lay stretched out across her old sofa, a hand-me-down gifted by her parents when she and her best friend had moved into the rundown quadruplex last week. She loved the thing, had literally grown up lounging on it. So much so that after years of constant use, its soft grey leather now conformed perfectly to her lithe figure.

Somewhere down the street a car alarm went off. Tori flicked her earbuds into her ears, swearing as the cords wrapped around each other, and swiped play on her smartphone. Tiesto flooded her mind, all other thoughts lost as she laid back, eyes closed, bare feet swaying softly to the EDM. Moments later she was asleep.

When she woke, the lights had been turned off and the living room was bathed in night. Even her phone had timed out but with a simple shake the lock screen appeared letting her know it was 3:28 am. Elle must have come home from work and, not wanting to disturb Tori, shut everything off when she went to bed. Both friends were in college, taking classes during the day and rotating shifts at Jack’s Tavern at night. The pub was small, but its location just down the street from the University was prime. The only downfall was in how far from everything their new place was. It was a two bedroom in the not-so-nice area of the city. But it was the only place the two could afford on their own. With school and only the one job between the two of them, it was this or nothing.

Tori rolled her head as she sat up, working at the kinks in her neck and shoulders. She heard a slight pop, as if her joint had cracked, but the sound had come from further away. She looked around the room, her eyes still adjusting to the darkness. The curtains were drawn now, a bold black and white Moroccan pattern shadowing the wall. Anticipating the move, Elle had spent the better part of the year collecting decor so they would be move-in ready.


5 thoughts on “I’m Not Who You Think I Am

  1. Mark Gardner says:

    Here ya go, Bree, I’ll help you along:

    She sighed. Elle was more than her best friend. She understood Tori in a way that, quite frankly, confounded her. It wasn’t the little things, like Elle making herself scarce when Tori’s favorite prime-time horror flick blared out of too-small speakers. It wasn’t that when Elle picked up frappuccinos from the coffee shop on the bus line from Jack’s, she knew to get her mocha Frappuccino with cocoa powder instead of shredded chocolate. These were trivial matters. Things that mere exposure taught her.

    But, what of Tori’s deepest secret. She kept it from her BFF. She kept it from her parents. Well meaning parents, but parents stuck in a previous generation. They couldn’t understand what Tori had done. It wasn’t as if she had meant to do it. It just sort of happened. She really was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or so she told herself…

    • Bree Kemp Salyer says:

      Haha! Awesome, Mark. Oh, how I miss thee…. You’re making me want to finish it, now. Except instead of being terrorized by a hitman who thinks she’s the prior tenant, I may have an even deeper, darker path to follow.

  2. kimberhew says:

    Exactly, sometimes the stories take themselves in directions we didn’t even see coming. Great start! Hope you find the time to let the characters tell you their story.

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