Sad Face

Okay, so I’m super bummed. I know it’s just the first week, but I thought having given an additional two weeks prior to the first week’s prompt that I’d at least have ONE person submit something for the 2018 Flash Fiction Challenge. Sigh. But, alas, not even myself participated. I really did try, though. For some reason, I got smacked with a gigantic case of writer’s block. I don’t think it was because of the prompt. I thought “The clock strikes midnight” was a pretty damn good first prompt, especially since it coincides so nicely with the ringing of a New Year. It could spark a million ideas…. time travel, romance, fairytales, the witches hour,…etc. But, nope. Nada. Nothing. My mind is a blank. Still.

I don’t know if the pressure to get it perfect made me outright stupid or what, but I definitely failed this first go-round. Glad I got 52 more weeks to make up for it. Props to Eilidh, though for hosting the TiV 2014 FFC52. As administrator, its not as easy as write or don’t write. For one thing, having to pick the prompts kind of loses the spontaneity of the process, which is half the fun. I did, however, find a semi-fix for that. I auto-scheduled the next few prompts to post on Tuesday mornings so that I have time to forget about them until they appear. That way, I might recognize them, but I won’t remember which post is coming up for that week. If I schedule enough in advance, I probably won’t remember them at all.

I have this weekly planner that I’m using specifically for the Challenge. It’s a really nice one that I got free from a Title Insurance Company we work with. I chose prompts for most of the year already and wrote them in the Tuesday slots. I tried to come up with all different types of prompts and incorporate the major holidays in there, as well. I will also be hosting side-challenges in between the Tuesday prompts, but not until (or unless) I get a few more participants. I have soooo many ideas, and I think it could be truly amazing if I could pick up some constant activity. I don’t want to get so big I can’t handle organizing all the weekly submissions, but if I could get at least 5-10 submissions a week, I’d be happy.

So PLEASE, pass the word along. Mention it once, twice, five times with links to the FFC2018 site. You don’t want to see me beg…. Trust me, I’m not very good at it.

Hope to see you all +FOLLOW the 2018 Flash Fiction Challenge!


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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