The Countdown begins….

Only 44 more days ’til the New Year begins….. and along with it, my year-long Flash Fiction Challenge!  Back in September, I mentioned that I was going to be hosting a challenge similar to the 2014 Flash Fiction Challenge by Thain in Vain, which although I didn’t join in on until late in the game, found to be a great inspiration. Not only did it get my juices flowing, it opened the door to some very talented writers who I enjoyed getting to know. Since I have yet to find another challenge with the same easy-going but challenging atmosphere, I decided to tackle the job of creating one myself. Now, I have attempted other “prompt” challenges before, but needless to say none of them really gripped enough viewers to catch on, so I am sincerely hoping that this reaches a wider audience.

So….. Pass the word along, +FOLLOW Said Bree and come back and join me in December for the beginning of our journey together! (The first submission won’t be due until January 1, but you can view the first weeks prompt beginning December 19th).




One thought on “The Countdown begins….

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