Friday’s Daily


I’ve been plotting a story that involves many supernatural elements, including werewolves. Naturally that’s what comes to mind when I see this picture. However, that’s the beauty of imagination. Not everyone sees the same thing. Either way, I though this was a beautiful picture. The stark contrast of black and white, good and evil in the dead of night. Friend or foe, working together or drawing down.

You know the drill. Open your mind, follow it wherever it may lead. But don’t forget to tell us all about it…


One thought on “Friday’s Daily

  1. Adan Ramie says:

    This is short, so I figured I would post it here instead of at my blog. Hope you don’t mind. The prompt brought me to strange places…

    Sometimes you meet someone and it’s like a jolt of electricity sizzles your nerve endings. Part of you screams, “Run!” The other part starts mentally circling them before you even know what you’re doing. There’s communication – a hell of a lot of it – before a single sound is uttered. You can learn a lot in this time before you even open your mouth, and so can this stranger, this dark or pale or similar or different shadow in the path of your day.

    A whiff of something on the wind, and you decide. Half the time you hate them. Half the time you wonder, “Is this it? Is this kenzoku?” It might take days, months, decades, but eventually, you are faced with something; if they remain, they were always your kindred. If they don’t, your hackles raise, and you must discard them before they tuck tail and leave you again to be feasted upon.

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