Tune-In Tuesday

If anyone were to ask me who my favorite artist was, without a doubt my first response would be Tori Amos. She is the epitome of what a true artist is. Not only does she write her own lyrics, play her own instruments and sing her own songs, everything about her music is unique. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until her third album, Boys for Pele, that I discovered her. Caught a Lite Sneeze was the first song of hers I heard and I was instantly hooked. She is definitely an acquired taste as her music, although labeled alternative rock, is comprised of classical elements; piano, harpsichord, harmonium, and clavichord among other instruments. I have always had an inner love for classical music and feminine vocals, so a combination of the two is extra heady. She is a rare combination of creative talent that our world is slowly losing to anyone who has access to pre-recorded beats and a pretty face.

What scene plays in your head as the song plays out…?