Saturday’s Daily

Is it Saturday already? … my, how time flies. I’ve been watching Helix on Netflix. Funny how I never gave it a chance before seeing as it’s right up my alley as far as genre goes. Viruses, immortality, end of the world shit…. Yep, all the good stuff. Which brings me to this weeks scenario. It’s a little on the dark side….

You (or your character) have been captured. But so have two people very close to you. Whoever those people are is up to you ( son & daughter, lover & friend, mother & father, even complete strangers ) the combinations are endless. Whoever has you captured is playing a sick & twisted game. Behind Door #1 is the first person. Behind Door #2 is the second person. You (or your character) has to make a choice. The fate of the two people is in their hands…. they must choose who lives and who dies. The situation and events are entirely up to you. Make a choice out of love, make it out of revenge or don’t make a choice at all.

Use this as a chance to open up the darkness inside or make it a lighter fluffier version. Only you can know where your imagination will take you.


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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