Movies… schmoovies….

Apparently I’m on a dystopian kick. Last night I finally watched Divergent, which I have been putting off since it came out. Don’t get me wrong, the premise sounded awesome and it looked like a good movie, however I just don’t like Shailene Woodley very much. …. That being said, I’m glad I did watch it. It was probably one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time. Along with The Maze Runner, which I’ve been waiting to see.  I just finished watching it. Both were excellent.

I’m a HUGE movie buff and lately it seems as if they’ve been putting out a bunch of crap. I’ve been sorely disappointed with the past few years save for a few top runners. Course I definitely lean more toward the fantasy and horror genre. Epic fantasies are my all-time faves (think LOTR, Game of Thrones) but I love me anything paranormal, supernatural or ghostly (Insidious/The Conjuring). Dystopian/Sci-fi (Hunger Games & Divergent) and end of the world shit (World War Z, 28 Days Later, Contagion)  … Crime Thrillers garner my love, too (Thorne: Sleephead & Scaredy Cat). Really, anything dark or empty gets my attention. But I don’t really do gory. Not that I don’t like it, but its not SCARY. It’s just gross. And to me, its all about being scared or thrilled or captivated by the imagery.

I’m on an audiobook kick, too. I’ve got a free month on Scribd and I’ve been listening as I fall asleep at night. It’s much easier than reading. 🙂 My only problem is, I fall in and out of sleep as the book keeps playing so I am constantly having to find my place. It’s amazing at how many really bad narrators there are, though. I mean, I’m severely disappointed. I’ve only been able to find about 2 or 3 narrators that don’t ruin the book for me. And I’ve tried like 50 books. Course I’m very limited on the books I have to choose from, but Scribd is a MUCH better deal than Audible. Audible is ridiculously expensive. With Audible, you only get one credit a month at $14.99, then you have to pay full price for anything else you listen to. Which sucks, especially if you can’t get into to book. They give you samples to play, but it’s too hard to tell from a 3 minute excerpt. With Scribd, you get unlimited streaming AND reading for $8.99 a month. They have 500,000 e-books and over 30,000 audio books right now to choose from, and I believe they’re working on getting more. A LOT of them are top authors. For me the most important one was Stephen King…. they have all of his books to read and I am a major fan, so that in itself is worth it. They give you a free month trial, so you can’t go wrong. No harm, no foul. God, listen to me. I sound like a spokesperson.

That being said, I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing again. Like I’ve said before, I have tons of inspiration, but for some reason, my mind shuts down when I go to spit it out.


Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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