You killed MEEP! you bastards ….

So, as it rolls into Fall, the screen has literally become a part of me. Whether its the smart TV, the PS3 3DTV, the computer or the Kindle, I have either Xfinity, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix or Vudu running one or when I’m feeling super chipper, sometimes all streaming at once…. If I was stranded on an island and I could only pick one station to watch, it would undoubtedly be the CW. I can’t live without my TVD, Originals, Reign, 100 and Star-Crossed. But there are quite a few new “can’t-live-without” shows for me, too. My point is, if I didn’t think I was pathetic before, there is no doubt in my mind now. I will never have a life… then again, why would I need one? I can live vicariously through someone else’s….

On that note, I just finished the second episode of AHS: Freakshow and all I can say is, “um, Pennywise ain’t got nothin’ on you, Mr. Clown.”


2 thoughts on “You killed MEEP! you bastards ….

    • Bree Salyer says:

      Oh no! … and I can’t believe I forgot that on my list, btw. However, even the free version of Hulu gives you at least the 5 most current Supernaturals…. Sadly, though,if you missed beyond that you wouldn’t be able to catch up. I get Hulu+, my mom has Netflix, my brother has Xfinity and and we all share. So we each only pay for one service but get to use all 3! Dirty little dogs…

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