It’s amazing how disconnected I start  to feel when I stop posting. I’ve been working rock steady on my best friend’s wedding invitations, trying to get them ready to mail out by Monday. I was trying to make things easier and cheaper for her by hand designing them and doing all the work myself. In this case, I definitely ended up biting off more than I could chew. I came up with (what I thought at the time) was a brilliant idea. And all it would take was cardstock and a couple of packages of black card/envelopes that I had worked with before. Yeah. Well. I ended up having to use a LOT more supplies than I had originally purchased (luckily I already had quite a bit that I didn’t have to buy, but now I’m out of a lot of my own stuff) and let’s just say I’m never going to take on this particular project again. Don’t get me wrong, I think the invitations turned out absolutely beautiful and for her I would do almost anything. But if I were to do them for strangers and charge for them, not only does the cost not really equal out, the actual amount of time it is taking me is insane. I started designing them around the 4th of July and between the graphic designing and cutting the cardstock and printing each layer and then attaching each layer by hand, it literally ended up probably taking more than 60 hours. And I still have to finish the covers and address & stamp the envelopes. There’s 100 invitations and each invite has 4 layers and then a cover design.

Anyway… I totally got off track. The whole point of my post was to say that I haven’t had time to breathe the last 2 weeks, much less attempt to write anything. And it’s made me realize that outside of my tiny little part of the blogosphere, I have no interaction with human beings. So when I don’t have anything on my blog for people to respond to, I feel very lonely. How sad is that? Lol.

So here I sit. 90 invitations put together with 10 to go. Then it’s on to the covers. Then finally I can seal and address them all. Then I can get back to writing. For a bit, anyway. I’ve started to realize quite a few things about me and writing that have caused serious doubts as to whether I’ll continue to do it or not. There are a LOT of things I’ve been questioning as of late. Writing is just the tip of the iceberg.


5 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Kate Loveton says:

    Well, I would certainly hate for you to stop writing… maybe you’re going through a temporary funk? I know I go through them, and that’s generally when I say, ‘What the heck am I doing this for?! What’s the point?’

    As for the invitations, they sound really neat. I used to make my own Christmas cards. I did that two years in a row. Then stopped. For good.

    I made beautiful cards (I’m a crafts junkie), but they took a lot of effort, and I’m not sure most people really understood the effort involved. So back to Hallmark for me. 🙂

    • Bree Salyer says:

      I am beyond a craft junkie. In my house I had an entire room dedicated to my crafting. I had different stations for everything (stamping, painting, my electronic cutter) I have rolling carts full of embellishments, and a 4ft tier for my cardstock & paper stacks. Then, I had to rent out my house and move back in with my mother so I had to downsize. Trying to sell stuff in yard sales is ridiculous because unless you are a serious crafter you don’t realize how expensive the stuff is to start out with. No one wants to pay $10 at a yard sale for an unused heating tool, but they don’t realize it costs $30+ new. Still, there are so many things I just couldn’t get rid of, so thank God my mother has an extra office size room in her house that at least I can keep some of my stuff in. I have a little craft store at bisforbreezy.com, but I don’t have much on it yet.

      But you’re definitely right, it is a lot of effort and the general pop doesn’t realize the time it takes. That’s why I joined swapbot.com. I met a ton of great people and got to make & receive crafts from people who could appreciate it!

      • Kate Loveton says:

        My craft room is my dining room! I cleared the china out of the hutch and park my scrapbooking stuff there. I must admit, now that I’m writing I don’t have the time for it like I used to. I am about 1/4 through a current scrapbook I am making to commemorate a cruise my husband and I took in October 2014… so I am very much behind.

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