You should read this, too….

In attempting to improve my writing, I’ve been doing a lot of educational reading on the subject. Everything from online articles, subscribing to newsletters and online web communities to coming home with 8 or 9 Reference books from the library. One of which, How to Write Horror Fiction by Wlliam E Nolan, was a quick but satisfying read. When an instructional book pulls you in as much as if it were a fiction novel, you know the writer is talented if nothing else. He, apparently, was the creator of Logan’s Run. It’s a great read if you’re looking for a less specific “how-to” guide as it deals less with technique and more about the monster itself and building suspense.

On a different note, I wanted to share an article I found about describing what a reader won’t assume on the website Fiction University. One of the main aspects of writing I have trouble with is description. I feel that I have never been able to fully describe a scene without losing my reader to boredom. My main goal is to have them feel like they are there without knowing it (if that makes any sense) so a lot of my searching is based on trying to build a descriptive edge. This article, in my opinion, nails it to a head. Every beginning writer should read this and come away with a better understanding of what most readers are looking for.



One thought on “You should read this, too….

  1. Mark Gardner says:

    I lifted this from elsewhere and struck it about the head and shoulders to suit my needs:

    “Everyone knows what a bench looks like. A horse, an umbrella and a dude are all things we see all the time. It’s not necessary to describe every tree in the forest – only the twisted old cottonwood your second cousin hung himself from.”

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