“The Rave” – Ye old skool

Just for shits and giggles I’m going to share one of my old stories with you. Comments welcome. 🙂

I found some of my old writings and was astounded at how different it seems from what I remember. I recall writing this story (seems like just yesterday) 16 years ago in 1998. When I read it back then, I thought my writing was pretty good. Um, No. Now I read it and I think, what the hell? There is absolutely no showing its all telling and now that I’m 34 instead of 18 it just seems, well, juvenile. Chasing a platinum haired boy? Really? But back then, it seemed mature to me. Funny how much your perspective really does change with age.

[p.s.] This was typed and I scanned it into the computer using text-to-OCR. I went through and caught most of the mistakes, but if it says fmished instead of finished, that’s why, lol.


I’m at Joey’s house. We’re having a party and I’m dancing in the darkened room with two pairs of glow sticks. A black light is on somewhere, but my eyes can’t focus on where in the huge living room it is, and my body is a tingling numb. The song’s taking me away, and I can see the reflection of glow sticks in the sliding glass door. The blue and white trails capture my eyes as my arms spin around and around with the music….

I wake up and my stomach drops at the thought that today’s only Wednesday. Two more days until the rave in Tampa. I’m going with Joe, Bridget and Erin. A lot of people I know are going. It’s the place to be this weekend.

My name’s Akayla, by the way. Akayla Foster. The bathroom seems so far away but I slide out of bed and head toward it. I look in the mirror at my reflection. I’m not bad looking. Tall for a girl, long blond curly hair, pale skin. My best feature are my eyes. They’re this really pretty blue. Kind of like the sky when it’s really clear. Right now, there are dark circles beneath them because it’s only seven o’clock in the morning and I didn’t sleep much last night.

I have to leave at seven-thirty and go to work. I work at this little company called All-Pro window and carpet answering phones and doing light data entry. I really like it, although it’s a half hour drive from my house because it’s all the way across town. The people are really fun and I can wear jeans as long as I wear a decent shirt. I work Monday through Friday every week, from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. I always get weekends off, which works out perfect for me, because Joey lives all the way in Citrus County and I can spend the weekends with him. I know what you must be thinking: Joey must be ‘the boyfriend’. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Yes, we’re about as close as two people can possibly get, but it’s because we’re best friends. He’s like my brother. I know him better than he knows himself, and the same goes for him with me.

I throw my hair up in a scrunchy, pull on some jeans and a red collared polo shirt and grab my keys off of the floor. That’s where they ended up last night after I got home from the movies. We went and saw South Park at the Regal Cinemas in town. Bridget came with us, and Joey drove in from Citrus Springs. It was the funniest movie I’d seen in a long time.

When I got in my car, the gas light was telling me I was almost empty so I had to stop at the gas station down the street. I got a pack of Marlboro Ultra Light 100’s with my broken driver’s license while I was there. I don’t think the cashier believed that I was 19. Most people don’t. I filled the tank in my ’95 Honda Civic up and paid with my check card, which I’d been using way too much lately. I was spending more money than I really had.

I got back in my car and turned right at the street light, heading downtown where I worked. It was five after eight when I pulled in the parking lot, but one of the managers was just getting there, too, so I wasn’t worried.

I went into my little cubbyhole of an office and checked the messages on the machine. There were only five and three of them ended up being dial tones. I walked back into the warehouse where the coffee maker  and poured some into a mug that read “just put down the coffee and back away slowly.” It was a gift to me from one of the warehouse guys for our secret Santa last year.

That’s when I saw Him.

The boy with the platinum hair and jade eyes. I know, I know. Platinum hair? But he was beautiful. I couldn’t stop staring. At least until the hot coffee that I was pouring splashed over the top of the mug and onto my hand. I dropped it and it crashed onto the concrete floor, breaking into little pieces. Everyone turned and looked at me as I cursed under my breath, and my face started burning as it reddened. I ripped some paper towels off of the roll and bent down to pick it up, but Chris’s voice stopped me. “Don’t do that,” he said. “You’ll cut yourself.” Chris was one of the younger warehouse guys. He took the paper towels from me and threw them on the counter. Then he got the broom from the closet and swept the ceramic into a plastic garbage bag. I just kind of stood there with the sentence God-I-hope-he-didn’t-see-me playing over and over in my head. I took a chance and glanced at the boy who, thankfully, was talking to another of the installers.

The morning went by quickly. It was one o’clock when I saw Him again. He walked into the offices with Scott, one of the window installers, and I just happened to be out in Carol’s office helping her find a file. When I looked up, I almost dropped the folder I was holding—I guess I have a tendency for dropping things when I see him—because he was staring at me. No, not at me, I realized. The clock behind me. My heart was going a hundred miles an hour. I yanked my head back in Carol’s direction and tried to ignore him. Ignore Him? I should’ve known better. I was like a mad woman. All I could see was his face with those eyes and the short spikes of hair above his forehead.

The rest of the day went by slowly. I didn’t see him again before I left. But I did find out that the boy was working on the Gonzalez house, which meant he was going to be there for the next week at least. Still, I would only get to see him whenever they came in to turn in paperwork or get the service orders.

I went home and flipped on my stereo, which blasted the sound of techno throughout my decent sized apartment. I had two other roommates. Erin and a girl everyone called Tech because she was really good with computers. I don’t think anyone but her family knows what her real name is. And I don’t think that if anyone did, they’d brave calling her that. She’s not a very … nice person. Actually, sometimes she can be kind of scary. Erin and I don’t see her very often, she’s usually out with her cyber friends, but when she is home, we tend to keep our distance. She mostly goes in her room and gets on the computer anyway, which works out for everyone.

My black lab puppy, Kalos, greeted me when I opened my bedroom door, tail wagging, tongue lolling. I picked her up and she licked my face, happy to see me. I feel bad having to keep her in my room all day, but we’re not supposed to have animals in the apartments. So I have to keep her as hidden as possible. Erin doesn’t mind having her, and even Tech plays with her sometimes, but if any of the landlords found out about her, I’d have to give her away.

I closed the door to my room and went into the bathroom to take a shower. The guys in 1013 were having a party, and I figured that since I worked all day, I deserved a little break. I dried my hair, threw on a 3/4 sleeve blue button up shirt, a pair of black capris, and these cute black open-toed, strapless platform sandals I’d gotten last weekend. I took my time putting on my make-up, and then out the door I went, down the stairs and three doors over to Brad and Logan’s apartment. There was already a couple of other people there, but it was only 7:00, so it would be a couple of hours before everyone else showed. I grabbed a wine cooler from the fridge, promising myself that it would be my only one since I worked tomorrow, and sat down on the couch. Brad and Jared were playing a video game that was displayed on their big screen television, complete with surround sound and an attached DVD player. Logan walked out of the back bedroom and smiled at me.

“Hey girl. Long time no see.” He came around the back of the couch since the other boys were crowded around the TV, leaned over and gave me a hug. Then he walked over to the phone, picked it up and walked back to his room.

I looked up as the front door swung open, glad to see my friend Devon. She walked in as if she owned the place; hips swaying, chin up, eyes coolly surveying the room. She saw me, smiled, and headed over to the sofa.

“Kay, baby. How’s it hangin’?”

I laughed at her carefree greeting and moved over so she could sit next to me on the smooth tan leather. “Hey D. I thought you had to work tonight?”

“Oh, I quit that lousy job …. been there too long.”

“Dev … you were only there for a month.”

Her grin was crooked. “I know. Oh—Tyler’s here,” she said as she glanced up at the now entering people. “Gotta go.”

Tyler was Devon’s fling-of-the-week. She had a tendency for moving from guy to guy in an untimely fashion, claiming that she liked to live for the moment.

I sat there for awhile, watching Jared defeat Brad in the animated football game, and finished off my drink. As I got up and rounded the corner of the couch to go throw the bottle away, I collided with someone. A pair of strong hands prevented me from falling backward, holding me against a solid chest.

“Sorry about that,” I said before I even looked up. When I did, I froze. My gaze connected with a pair of familiar jade eyes.

I didn’t move for what seemed like forever. All I could feel were his hands on my forearms, warm even through the fabric of my shirt. Then I pictured myself just standing there with this I’m-dumb-as-rocks expression on my face, and I stepped back, embarrassed.

“Sorry,” I said again.

He smiled. “No problem.” I walked around him, hurrying to get away before he had a chance to say anything else. I made it to the kitchen without running into anyone else, and leaned against the Formica counter.

I didn’t know why I was acting so weird around him and vowed to stop because he was just another guy. One that boy-killer Devon would tell me to go after. Speaking of Devon, where was she? I looked around the now crowded apartment and saw no sign of her silky black hair. She was undoubtedly with Tyler anyway, making him her next victim. I smiled at the thought … my friend Devon, the next Aphrodite.

The room was getting warm, and I was starting to get tired. Yeah..so it was only nine-thirty. But I’d been up late the night before studying—oh how I loathe that word—for a test in English. I elbowed my way through a group of people blocking the entire hallway just in time for the rush of people with the kegs. I felt like I was in a funhouse and a moving floor was preventing me from ever getting to the brightly lit exit sign. I started getting dizzy. Is it spinning in here or is it just me? and why am I suddenly cold? I made it to the front door. Finally. I stepped outside and took a deep breath just as a wave of blackness hit me. I reached for the first thing I could get my hands on, which just happened to be absolutely nothing. I hit the ground. Hard.



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