Sing Me A Story – My Million Dollar Idea

An inkling of an idea came to me as I was tweaking my playlist last night.

For me, music has always had a drastic impact on my emotions. I can’t listen to any song without having an immediate response. It may be nostalgia, high energy, sadness. But it’s always something. I remember the first time I ever heard the song My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. I know, I know… gag you, right? But there is a point to this. I hadn’t seen any previews for Titanic, didn’t even know it was coming out. I just heard the song one day on the radio with no preconceptions. The second is started playing, and I mean the very first second, my throat started to swell and burn as I tried to hold back the tears. I was driving. On the busiest road in our city. It was awful, lol. But it was so fiercely beautiful I could barely contain myself. Of course, everyone has their own taste. What is beautiful to me may sound like nails down a chalkboard to someone else.

My basic point is that every time I hear music I have a reaction. Especially when its added to a visual element. Movies, television, etc… For example, right now I have a Vampire Diaries fetish. I haven’t been this bedeviled by a show since the late 90’s and Buffy was on. (Course I can say about the same thing for Buffy regarding the characters, writing and music. It was the best of all 3.) But back to the present. The soundtrack for each and every episode is ridiculously amazing. The songs they choose are perfectly fitted, and what’s even better is that the majority of them are indie artists so it opens you up to a whole line of musicians you may never have heard of otherwise. I’ve got a playlist for each season on my YouTube page so that I can click and listen any time I please. My only problem is that I need to have a box of tissues at every turn because I’m a blubbering idiot. I have more than an avid fascination with Damon Salvatore. Like, if I could have one wish in this world it would possibly be for him to be real and me to be his Elena. So I see all these YouTube TVD movies made from scenes on the show and they smash all the “Delena” love scenes into one mashup with a ridiculously sad love song and I think to myself, why oh why couldn’t that ever be me? And it makes me sad. But at the same time, it sparks my idea.

So, through all my ranting and raving, here it finally is. Silly as it may be. We use specific melodies to add to movie/TV scenes, right? I mean, it wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic having a funeral scene while playing 99 Luftballons. So, what if there was a really cool way to add music clips to specific scenes in your story. Graphic novels use images, so why can’t we use songs? And I mean in actual book form, not placing a YouTube video at the top of a blog post to play while you’re reading. I’m talking an actual progressive e-book format that could somehow play as you read certain parts.

Hell, it’s probably a stupid idea. I just know that if I were reading, having the music that inspired a moment playing might make the experience that much better. Or it might be annoying and I might hate it. But that’s why settings come in handy.

What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Sing Me A Story – My Million Dollar Idea

  1. Mark Baron says:

    *looks around nervously* I…I also liked that song. Once. Before it was played a billion times a day in the horrid retail environment I worked in. 😉

    I love when I get a chance to hear what a writer listens to when they work. One of the things I love about Tarantino’s movies, regardless of how valid one thinks they are artistically, is that he shares with us the music he listened to writing it. Every song in the movie is one he chose to listen to while pounding out the script, and that’s cool.

    But for me, reading is an intensely personal experience. I do fear that hearing the music that an author had in mind might change my viewpoint of the book. After all, I might be thinking “this part is dark and beautiful and romantic and I totally hear Depeche Mode playing” and the writer may have been listening to Nickelback – way to kill my mood, dude! 😉

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