My new laptop!

My new laptop!

In 2007, I birthed a baby in the form of a hot pink Dell Inspiron 1720. I paid $1400. But way back then, with a 17″ screen, a higher end NVIDIA graphics card and 2MB of RAM, duo core 1.66ghz/1.67ghz intel processor, it seemed just. Course there was no HDMI port to speak of. They didn’t even exist. I remember when she asked me if I wanted to have it Bluetooth capable. Bluetooth?? What’s that? …. it’s amazing how far we’ve come. But now, my baby is obsolete. Laughable, even. But she got me through the last 7 years and never let me down. Until now. She finally took a dump.

I am very VERY picky when it comes to my computers. If I’m going to spend that much money I’m something, I’m damn sure going to make sure it has everything I want. I’ve bought two computers in the interim. One, an HP for myself because as a graphics designer, my Dell lacked the space to hold all of my graphics files. So because of the graphics, I used my Dell for all things game related (WoW, The Secret World, GW2, etc…) and all my work stuff I did on the HP. I bought that 2 years ago and it went out on me a couple months ago. The Compaq that I bought my daughter for her birthday 3 years ago won’t hold a charge at all and won’t work unless its plugged in. If you have to unplug it for any reason, it shuts off. It wont even hold a charge long enough to get it into another wall plug. Plus, it shuts off all the time for no reason. But my old Dell trudged along and held its ground. But now, its dead too and with her being homeschooled online, I have to have something.

Luckily, I was finally able to sell the rest of my furniture and that left me with enough to pay for the majority of a new computer. After looking at everything (in my price range anyway) … I almost bought a Lenovo Flex touch but it was only 15.6″ and it was missing some core elements (including only coming with a standard gfx card). So I went with a newer version of what I already had and got the Dell 17 7000 Touch. It’s not hot pink, but hey, that’s what skins are for, right? It’s a 17″ screen, a BACKLIT keyboard (one of the things on my new comp wishlist), 8MB ram & 1TB hard drive, and an Intel i7 processor w/ an NVIDIA graphics card (another thing on my wishlist). The only poopy part is that I have to wait until July 1 to get it.

I hate waiting. I feel like a child at Christmas!


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