Divine Intervention

I stood outside the church entrance in the sexiest dress I owned and stared at the door. Ironically, this is where it had all started. Where Brad and I had first met in our youth group. How many times had I imagined it would be me on the other side of that door? Walking down the aisle and saying ‘I do‘ to the man now standing at the altar. Today I’d be walking down the aisle. But only far enough to get to my seat and watch as the love of my life married someone else. If only I could go back in time. I’d do everything different.

I took a deep breath and started up the steps when something shiny caught my eye. See a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck. I couldn’t resist. I’d need all the luck I could get to make it through today. I bent down and picked up the round piece of copper. Despite the beaming sun, it felt oddly cool between my fingers. I tucked it inside my clutch and stood up straight. This was it. Time to face the music.

I made it to the entrance and tugged on the outer door. The heavy wood creaked as it opened and I stepped into the entryway, expecting to hear the normal hustle & bustle of people readying themselves for the wedding. Instead, I was greeted with an unusual silence. Was I too late? Had I gotten the days or times mixed up? I stepped further inside and through the secondary doors that led to the chapel itself. The entire nave was empty save for a group of teenagers in the first few pews.

I hadn’t even realized I was still walking until I was almost to the front row. One of the teens turned in my direction and a major case of deja-vu ransacked me.

Brad?” I squawked. 

“You must be Brittany. Pastor Jeff said we’d have a new member joining us.” He smiled at me and something glinted in the light. Braces. 

“You got those taken off,” I stammered. His smile started to fade as he looked at me, not sure how to answer. 

“Is this some kind of joke?” I looked around. The other teens were all staring at me now and I recognized all of them. But I hadn’t seen them in twenty years. This was impossible. 

“Are you okay?” Brad asked, reaching out toward me.

My arm shot out in front of me to stop him and I saw my hand. My nails were passionate purple. I looked down at the rest of me and almost feinted. No longer was I wearing my little black dress. Instead I was clad in tight rolled jeans and a No Fear t-shirt. 

I turned and ran back down the aisle and out the way I came, my heart racing in disbelief. Everything outside looked the same but different.  It couldn’t be real. Could it? Had I been given my second chance?

Flash Fiction Challenge

[This was for Thain in Vain’s 52 week Flash Fiction Challenge. Week 22. Unfortunately I didn’t run across it until just recently so I am 20-some weeks behind, but better late than never, eh? I didn’t realize how hard it truly is to convey an entire story in 500 words or less.]


9 thoughts on “Divine Intervention

  1. Thain in Vain says:

    A great tale about second chances! Will our protagonist make good this time round? Will she get her day at the alter? You have a great way with descriptions e.g., “despite the beaming sun, it felt oddly cool between my fingers.” Great take on the prompt!

    On another note, if you want to join, you are more than welcome! Many of us started late. It’s not about where we are, it’s about writing a weekly story!


    • Bree Salyer says:

      Thank you! It’s always hard to know whether I was able to convey what I envisioned in my head with such a small word count. Glad I was able to get the point across. 😉

  2. naomiharvey says:

    *makes twilight zone noises* This was great! My favourite for the week. I also liked the description of the penny and i loved the fact that she unashamedly turned up to that wedding in the sexiest dress she owned. I could see myself doing something like that under those circumstances too.

    Welcome to the fun! I only joined in a few weeks ago so its all good 😀

    • Bree Salyer says:

      Haha! I am so glad to hear it… when it comes to naming things (whether its characters or titles) I am super picky. I’ll spend hours coming up with something until I get that “a ha!” moment. It has to fit just perfect or it’ll keep me up at night. 😉

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