There is no hope….

I’ve realized something. I have absolutely no chance at getting acknowledged as a writer. I mean, yes, of course I would have to actually finish a story first. Duh.

But the staggering amount of books being self published is almost ridiculous. When I was browsing the e-books on Amazon I saw the number of new releases was 71,000+ in the last 30 days alone. Over 200,000 in the last 90 days.  It’s almost become a joke, like anyone with a computer who wants to make a couple bucks does it. Half the “books” aren’t even edited, it’s so frustrating.

With the amount of shoddy editing and fake reviews, people have become much less willing to take a chance on an unknown author. I know I have. Maybe I’m using it as an excuse, but it’s definitely another deterrent to add to my long line of reasons to give up.


5 thoughts on “There is no hope….

  1. undefinedscott says:

    Is there a lot of crap out there?
    Yes, yes there is.

    Does that mean that you should quit?
    I’m not. My first book has made $30 to date and over 200 people have downloaded a free copy. That is a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. It took a few months to fall below the 1 million rank mark, so I’m glad about that.

    Do your best and submit to a publisher. IF that doesn’t work out, then edit it on your own (or get someone to do it) and then do the Indie route.

    Will you make enough to live on?
    Probably not.

    I’ve got a couple friends who do this for a living now, but they have quite a few books out there. I’m lucky to get 1 out a year.

    You could try Wattpad if you want to drum up an audience, or potential audience, without the hindrance of the cash side of things.

    • Bree Salyer says:

      In a way that’s even more depressing, lol. I read your book and even though it wasn’t my normal genre it was very well written and fast paced. I enjoyed it a lot. I started a profile on WattPad a long time ago but haven’t done much with it. Maybe I should, just to get a foot in the door. 🙂

  2. Melena says:

    The same thoughts go through my head as well, but the one thing you have to think about is it worth it?

    You’re probably not going to get rich off it, but if it’s what you really want to do. Then, go for it.

    I’m not sure whether I’m going to go the traditional route or the indie. I have been reading blogs of authors from both sides. You should follow some famous indie writers’ blogs. They give really good advice.

    I follow mostly, and Hugh Howey also gives so good advice.

    Try not to get too discouraged.

    • Bree Salyer says:

      I like both of those authors so I’ll definitely have to check out those sites. I’m an avid fan of anything dystopian/apocalyptic/supernatural/horror.

      Getting rich off it would be a plus by any means, but its not the most important thing to me. For me, its about affecting other people. Taking them away from their problems for a short time, throwing them on an emotional roller coaster. Like the feeling I get when I’ve read a really good book and am almost angry that the ride is over. I want them to feel THAT way and know that I’m the one who gave them that feeling. That’s my true goal in writing.

      It just irritates me when some people seem to put no effort into it which in essence ruins it for others. The more people that throw together what passes for a book and sell it for .99 or 1.99 and have their friends add fake reviews hoping to make a few extra dollars, the more people who truly deserve to get noticed are passed over because readers are already burnt out on taking a chance on indie authors. It’s just frustrating. Sorry. Didn’t mean to vent. Again. Lol.

      • Melena says:

        I definitely agree with you about the people who put no effort into it and just throw it out there. It makes it harder for people to take indie authors seriously.

        I try not to let it get me down because if I write a great book and the right amount of marketing, someone will read it. I know I won’t be able to get rich off it but just being read by people who like what I have to write sounds really nice.

        Vent all you want. The same thoughts go through my mind constantly. 🙂

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