I had big dreams….

Well, it’s officially been one year since my first post…. and I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing. I started with all these ideas and goals of how I wanted to reach out and connect with other bloggers, especially writers. I wanted this super spectacular interactive site where writers could come to find pure inspiration. It was to be filled with prompts and story starters and ideas by not just one person but by anyone who wanted to contribute.

I am a writer. Regardless of whether I have talent or my writing equals that of a 6 year old kindergarten student with a bucket full of crayons, I am still a writer at heart. It is my passion. Unfortunately, just because I can put words together to form a complete sentence doesn’t mean that I am bursting with ideas. My whole life, I have been very creative. I LOVE crafts, I LOVE graphic design, I LOVE making things. But I am not bursting with supreme originality. It usually comes from taking bits and pieces of things I see and turning them into something new. Some people are blessed with the skill to write, some people can’t write for shit but are bursting with all these ideas. It doesn’t come freely to me. But just because I can’t think of a full story on my own doesn’t mean I don’t want to tell one. Or that I couldn’t do it beautifully.

So my dream was to host a place where people could come and openly share their plots, or prompts or ideas in the hopes that someone could use them to build upon. Or combine with what ideas they already have. You know, bounce ideas back and forth until the perfect one hits ya? A place that is full of nothing but creative juices. If you’ve ever visited the “adoptables” forum at NaNoWriMo, it would be something similar to that, but with a MUCH better setup. The posts without having to scan through the myriad of replies. And setup by category and tagged. Structured. But still with the ability to comment. Because sometimes hearing that your idea was good is just as important as finding someone else’s good idea.

The main goal was ideas. But also, I love connecting with other people. Realistically, though, its so hard to do that. Unless you visit and +follow every page you possibly can so that they feel they have to +follow you back. I don’t want to do it that way. I want the people who follow me to follow me because they find what I have to say interesting. And I don’t want to follow the people I don’t find interesting, just to up my chances. It’s frustrating, though. When I have so much to say and no one is listening.



Wit & Criticism Welcome!!

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