House…The End of an Era

So I watched the final episode of House, M.D. last night on Netflix.  I just have a few things to say. If you’ve never watched the show, give it a chance. It took me a few episodes to fully get into it but once I did there was no going back. Yes, at times it was incredibly far fetched. In reality, no one would ever subject themselves to House’s borderline sadistic methods just because he was a genius doctor. But that is the sheer beauty of fiction… you can do whatever you want however you want.

We met a lot of characters along the way. Wilson was, by far, my absolute favorite from the start. Just the right amount of brains, sarcasm and an all around great guy. I never really liked Foreman. He was just a side character who happened to be in the show from beginning to end. There was no depth, no emotion. But then again, that’s how most of Omar Epps’ roles are. I imagine him to be like that in real life. A flat character. Cuddy was one of my favorites but they’re story flat-lined the second they actually started dating. I lost respect for her when she forced him into the relationship, making him take a chance at giving in to being happy and then the first time he makes a mistake (on her death-bed nonetheless) pulls the rug out from under him. Gee, did she not think the backlash to that would be brutal? Cameron just annoyed the f**k out of me, so I kept waiting for her to really leave. Which is strange because I adore Jennifer Morrison as Emma Snow. Goes to show you how different characters can truly be. Chase was a good solid role. He developed so much from the arrogant prick he was in the beginning to the more down to earth guy he was in the end. I didn’t really like Kuttner, loved Thirteen from the start and Taub definitely grew on me. I was glad he stayed on ’til the end. I didn’t like Amber the “doctor” but I thought she was good for Wilson and it sucked that she kicked the bucket. John Cleese as House’s “dad” … brilliant. And Sela Ward was perfect as his first wife. I knew the second Adams showed up as the prison doctor that she would end up at Princeton Plainsboro for the long haul. I think I can say the only character I truly hated was Park. I don’t know why. I guess it was because she blatantly refused to admit the fact that she was as big of a dork as she truly was. Like she couldn’t possibly fathom why it was so hard to believe that Chase didn’t want to sleep with her. I mean, really? It’s not just about her looks, but the fact that they have absolutely nothing in common. And she has no interesting qualities. Who would have sex dreams about her?

Anyway, I thought it ended perfectly. From the very first episode, everything was House House House. And there was this terrific guy who, through thick and thin, put up with everything House threw at him. Selflessly devoting the majority of his life to being there for someone who would never openly admit he gave a damn about him. So for it to end with House doing the only selfless thing he’s ever done in his entire life to make sure that Wilson had the best last 5 months of his life was poetic justice. I, personally,  don’t think it could have ended any better.


2 thoughts on “House…The End of an Era

  1. Mark Gardner says:

    I watched House pretty much from the beginning on FOX. I kicked the kids out with every “Viewer Discretion is Advised” prompt. I started watching it again on Netflix about two months ago. I just started season seven, so I’ll be done this month or the next.

    I also didn’t like Kuttner. Is Park that Masterson character? I didn’t like her either. I think she shows up in a few episodes.

  2. Bree Salyer says:

    Park is the little Asian that is in all of Ssn 7. I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you in my last paragraph. It wasn’t a true spoiler, but close enough. PLEASE let me know what you thought about the ending when you do finish. I thought it was perfect (in a truly far-fetched way, of course!) but not everyone shares my opinion. 😉

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