Other words for “Said”

Here is a list of words I found from around the web when you’re tired of using the usual “said” in your dialogue…


  • Accepted, Accused, Acknowledged, Added, Admitted, Advertised, Advised, Affirm, Agonized, Agreed, Alleged, Announced, Answered, Appealed, Approved, Argued, Arranged, Articulated, Asked, Asserted, Asseverate, Assumed, Assured, Attract, Aver, Avow,
  • Babbled, Bargained, Barked, Bawl, Bawled, Beamed, Beckoned, Began, Begged, Bellowed, Beseeched, Blubbered, Blurted, Boasted, Bossed, Bragged, Breathed, Broadcast,
  • Cajole, Called, Carped, Cautioned, Censured, Chimed in, Choked, Chortled, Chuckled, Circulate, Claim, Comforted, Conceded, Concurred, Condemned, Confer, Confessed, Confided, Confirm, Consoled, Contend, Continued, Crave, Cried out, Criticized, Croaked, Crooned, Crowed,
  • Declared, Defend, Demanded, Denote, Dictated, Disclosed, Disposed, Disseminate, Distribute, Divulged, Drawled, Decided, Denied, Described
  • Emitted, Empathized, Encourage, Encouraged, Entreated, Exact, Exclaimed, Explained, Exposed, Emphasized, Expressed
  • Faltered, Finished, Fumed, Feared
  • Gawped, Get out, Giggled, Given, Glowered, Grieved, Grinned, Groan, Groaned, Growled, Grumbled, Grunted
  • Handed on, Held, Hesitated, Hinted, Hissed, Hollered, Howled,
  • Impart, Implied, Implored, Importune, Inclined, Indicate, Informed, Inquired, Insisted, Interjected, Invited, Instructed
  • Jabbered, Joked, Justified,
  • Keened,
  • Lamented, Laughed, Leered, Lilted, Lectured, Lied
  • Maintained, Make known, Make public, Marked, Mentioned, Mewled, Mimicked, Moaned, Mocked, Mourned, Mumbled, Murmured, Mused
  • Nagged, Necessitated, Needed, Noted, Notified
  • Objected, Observed, Offered, Ordered,
  • Panted, Passed on, Pleaded, Pointed out, Postulated, Prayed, Preached, Predicted, Premised, Presented, Presupposed, Proclaimed, Prodded, Professed, Proffered, Promised, Promulgated, Proposed, Protested, Provoked, Publicized, Published, Puled, Put forth, Put out,
  • Quaked, Queried, Questioned, Quipped, Quivered, Quizzed, Quoted,
  • Reassured, Related, Raged, Ranted, Reckoned that, Rejoiced, Rejoined, Released, Remarked, Remonstrated, Repeated, Replied, Reprimanded, Requested, Required, Requisition, Responded, Retorted, Revealed, Roared, Ruled
  • Said, Sang, Scoffed, Scolded, Screamed, Seethed, Sent on, Settled, Shared, Shed tears, Shouted, Shrieked, Shrugged, Shuddered, Snapped, Snarled, Sneered, Snivelled, Sobbed, Solicited, Sought, Specified, Spoke, Spluttered, Spread, Stammered, Stated, Stormed, Stuttered, Stressed, Suggested, Supposed, Swore, Sputtered
  • Taunted, Teased, Testified, Thought, Thundered, Ticked off, Told, Told off, Tore a strip off, Touted, Trailed off, Transferred, Transmitted, Trembled, Trumpeted,
  • Understood, Undertook, Upbraided, Urged, Uttered,
  • Verified, Vociferated, Voiced, Vouched for, Vouchsafe, Vowed
  • Wailed, Wanted, Warned, Weep, Went on. Wept, Wheedle, Whimpered, Whined, Whispered,
  • Yawped, Yelled, Yelped,Yowled

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